Capricorn Women - Do you ever find that men just can't handle you?

By pooface222December 17, 2021 2:33pm — 49 replies
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hi i just heard that my cap mentor had a heartattack he also has lung issues so they dont expect him to make it he believes in me when i dont here is to to the best capricorn man the world has ever seen including the worlds in past present amp
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here i go again another capricorn here is how it went please give me your opinions i had an amazing date with a guy on friday we went to have a drink and eat something he paid for me even though i offered and he said that next time i can pay when
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capricorns man most enigmatic sign i know which is funny cause my lilith and eros signs and 8th and 9th house are in capricorn but still capricorn suns pretty hard to read for me
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theres this capricorn girl in my class who im pretty sure doesnt like me im a virgo sun with a pisces moon and libra placements as well making me super non confrontational and flighty until enough is enough and ive had enough of her passive aggress
what can you tell me about this chart personality likes dislikes anyone have a similar chart it just seems like a whole lot of capricorn and i don t really know much about capricorns so any info is appreciated sun capricorn 19 09 moon capr
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are the hottest ugly guys with best penur confirmed
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