Wtf is wrong with me?

By GenericUsernameMay 20, 2022 4:36pm — 48 replies
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Ask a 12th house person anything
im bored and thought it would be interesting what questions ppl have for 12th house ppls any one who is a 12th houser can respond too if you re not sure if your a 12th house person this astrologer uses this criteria having a 12th house stellium
signs of fictional characters
what are the signs of some fictional characters that you feel strongly resemble them snow from fables ive always thought def a virgo shes so virgo it makes me uncomfortable lol but i know a capricorn dude basically created her character descript
5/10 Mercury Retrograde, Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
this shit has been hell i just found out i have to pay a large sum of money because i was paid too much work has been such a mess and i bumped into a parked car in the parking lot at my gym so im anxiety ridden especially because this is my dads car
Scorpio lunar eclipse (5/15-5/16)
as written by astromomma posted on facebook total lunar eclipse in scorpio- the only way out is through intense total transformation the skeletons of the past come back on may 15 16th we have the massive and life changing total lunar eclipse i
Update on Pisces and Scorpio guy. A Taurus has also entered the triangle.
some of you wanted updates about my pisces vs scorpio guy situation so here it is - had sex with the pisces twice but can say i feel used because hes healing from a breakup from a few months ago still also i feel like he judges me a lot more or misund
I started feeling drowsy as soon as Taurus season happened
1 way more napping after work 2 out of the groove on working out and lifting weights 3 eating more too than i would like wtf man
Sagittarius wants to keep Scorpio around
i am scorpio girl and he is sag male we have been dealing with each other since july of last year off and on we decided that we will not be in a relationship neither have sex because i will be going away for school in october since we don t want the pro
The highest form of lilth
rough draft if i dont write it down i will forget black moon lilth is a karmic placement it is more then that tho so much more the traditional stories involving the bible are one way of expression lilth inflicted goes to the extremes either wa
Jupiter Transits...
which house is jupiter the planet of expansion transiting to your chart and can you relate i ve it hitting my 12th and can relate to the behind the scenes theme https cafeastrology com jupiter transits houses html