Scared Aquarius off again

By Klh1203November 25, 2017 2:37pm — 285 replies
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Aquarius will not let go
share your stories i have never experienced this before just an iron-fisted grip on me will not accept that our relationship is over and will not cut the cord emotionally
capricorn woman falling for an aquarius man :(
i m trying not to be a bitch snap cut him off like i usually would by now because i really do like him he told me that he likes that i m really nice affectionate and goofy when i recently asked him what he liked about me so i feel like i m doing o
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gemini girls are injurious to aquarius health
Uh No
honestly aquarius broads are the least desired chicks
Libras & Aquas
i dont get along with aquas we hit it off very well initially but something just goes wrong male or female were just always butting heads i have a leo moon sag rising so im not sure if that causes the friction i see a lot of sites that state we ar
Unreliable aqua guy
i was in a relationship with an aqua for 4 months he then proposed me for marriage to which i agreed his parents werent happy with this so he backed off and got engaged to someone of his parents choice we stopped talking to each other now after 3
Tempted to talk to another Aqua man . lol
just to compare the two but why shud i put myself through that mystery of hell and heaven again
Any Aquarians dating a Virgo
i am aquarius sun sagittarius moon his sun is virgo not sure on the other placements i first met him 10 years ago when i was married never came into contact with him again until april 17 when i found him on a dating website i m divorc
Aqua men
lots of mates tends not to want kids but good with kids tends not to want to marry ladies fall easily for him doesnt like me or feel but this is particular to me generally treats others ok its not something i did its just
Is this an aquarius thing or something darker?
i used to and still believe a woman i met was a textbook aquarius always late more guy friends than girls a big charming brilliant weirdo who beats to her own drum lately a lot of warning signs have been popping up aquarius woman bounces betw