Sex how long?

By WateryGemJune 19, 2017 1:11am — 45 replies
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How to get closer?
hello ive been seeing a gemini guy taurus moon and mercury aries venus pisces mars for a month or so we met on a dating site we had a few brief dates during the first two weeks just walking and talking then we got intimate the very next day he i
So many gem placements i have XD.Gem Sun: Mercury in Gem: Venus in Gem:Gem Rising: Gem 12th house:
anyone have as many gemini placements as i do please share how do you generally feel share your insight its what we do
my 9 year old Gemini son..."There is absolutely no chance a God Exists"
quite peculiar coming from a younger generation he has a cap moon and cancer rising im not concerned or anything i want him to believe in what he wants to any advice on how to handle this as he grows older im not religious myself but hes very deter
Why do Geminis get such a bad rep ?
im a earth sign but weirdly i really like gems always a good time never much drama why such the bad rep what makes people dislike you
How much freedom to give a gemini man? Being a doormat vs. needy/controlling
hi ive been with an early 30s man whose chart is mostly made up of sagittarius and gemini i e sun moon mercury venus etc but his mars is in scorpio - he is very fun loving loud confident drinks a lot had a pic saying here for a good time not
Birthday Party for 6 yr old Gem girl - Need gift ideas!
ok gem girls think back to when you were 6 what were you into
Are we obsessive? Speak up Gems!
i was told today that we are obsessive i disagree is stalking someone means i am obsessed with them no i just want to have them 24 7 365 to myself how is it obsessive right
Meeting Up With Geminis...
hello how are you guys okay so heres whats up i am a pisces woman and lately i have been introduced to two gemini men let me say i dont know that much about gemini other than my sister and we never got along we were like vinegar and oil so i
Mixed signals
so how to understand the gemini guy 27 years of age on the one hand he shows signs of interest - contacting me everyday wanting to meet up all the time most of the times i say no cause i cant meet him every single day introducing me to his friend