Questions about eye color

By WhorpioJune 25, 2022 1:49pm — 37 replies
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Tonsils removal when adult
have anyone of you had this procedure my child had at 15 and i almost killed myself because i waited too long she suffered for 10 days exactly as doctor said she would and bounced back like nothing even happened other one - friend - about 30 - remo
relieving depression, stabilizing tips and methods that worked for you.
these were the most relatable memes for me back in the day when i was going through some shit 1 img https i ibb co f30wyqv 53324446-126899105108321-1781716280419472203-n-683474321 jpg img 2 img https i ibb co vlrdqm0 9e6d218f0dd7395e19658ea
How bad is it to have heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon?
greetings all my father is going to have heart surgery this february 14th and i read that its bad to have heart surgery when the moon is in leo which it is from feb 14 to feb 16th ive also read that no surgery should be done 3 days prior or afte
New Zealand authorities investigate claims man received 10 Covid vaccinations in one day
new zealand health authorities are investigating claims that a man received up to 10 covid-19 vaccination doses in one day on behalf of other people in the latest effort by members of the public to skirt tough restrictions on the unvaccinated the minis
i m sure someone has probably done this thread before but if you have taken prozac what was your experience how long did you stay on it what did you like or dislike about it did you take it at morning or night i start it tomorrow i m nervous
Shoulder surgery
has anyone here ever had shoulder surgery and what was it for this past week i learned i have calcified tendonitis in my right shoulder it hurts very much im hoping it is simple inflammation and nothing torn ive been reading post op stories which
Covid vaccine booster shots
has anyone got it yet what is the timeline of your other shots have you had any breakthrough infections since them have been going out all rogue without your mask since im planning to get mine in february to test a personal theory my husband is ver
i have my first session on saturday i ve never tried anything like it i m curious to hear about others experiences
****Who’s coming with me, man??? Or...****
you can also donate through my fundraiser page https runsignup com abbynormal916 i ve signed up and am going to do my first official 5k this week end now you can do whatever distance you like at whatever pace you like because you do it from whe
Covid vaccine experiences 💉
which one did you get did you experience any side effects do you have any stories of being in a covid positive situation after being fully vaccinated im about to get my second dose i will also forever be wearing a mask in certain public situations m