Are you taking them jab?

By sweetheartsDecember 13, 2020 9:37pm — 101 replies
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https www youtube com watch v mkqdvifnhnc happy thanksigiving lol
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ever since i got my braces off earlier in the year ive been way more diligent in taking care of my teeth ive tried everything from oil pulling brushing with activated charcoal water flossing etc i heard cod liver oil can reverse tiny cavitites
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now that covid-19 has been around long past any logical quarantine known to mankind the current circumstances in the u s and great britain seem to be much worse than we thought possible this doesn t seem to be about a virus it seems more like the fall
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has anyone bought grains and made kefir milk my health practitioner recommended it for my stomach issues since drinking it ive felt much better it s very soothing for the digestive system
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