*The* What are you currently doing thread

By Jumpin_JupiterDecember 7, 2020 10:23am — 12 replies

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It's so sad
that this site could be down for good tomorrow and most of us would never see each other again not so much for me though since most of my favorite users already gone or luckily we already know each other outside dxp but still i kinda expecting to see
Getting called Karen
first off i want to say that calling women karen is usually sexist af and a way to put down and belittle what a woman has to say but that s a debate for a different time i went to a public event held by my city it was a drive through christmas even
Pair Dxp user with a Fictional character ❤
v and haydens anakin img https i ibb co fjmysjb image-search-1606410482168 jpg img
Compatibility Signs
do you like your designated compatible signs or do you gravitate towards your incompatible signs the signs that im supposed to be compatible with i dont end up with personally i dont like knowing someones sign when i meet them i like the mystery
Be Honest.. Who Else Cant Stand To Be Around Old People?
my job of the past two years has led me with a complete disdain for people 60 and older a majority i encounter are racist sexist entitled and just are generally miserable my father who was in his 70s once said he would rather me old yeller him tr
Pictures from your Random Street View Trips
for sharing pictures from your random street view trips cus you aint going anywhere i like to drive the google map bus around and really find that special spot https i imgur com h0jg5ld jpg https i imgur com xyejcx0 jpg https i imgur com ledi
Stop using "gay" as an insult..
regardless of the way you mean it to be used
Zoom zoom Movie Night
lets hear all the suggetions for movie night on zoom it was a ton of fun the other night i know there are a few out there already i am sorry i do not recall what they are list em up and lets pick one and what night my picks john wick any of the
Suing HBO
so hbo has a new channel called hbo max i have hbonow for several years and i use it through my roku hbomax is available free of charge through hbo subscription however hbomax is not supported by roku so i don t have access to a channel that should
anyone here who desexualize themselves because of sexual abuse in the past did you get over it if you did get over it what steps did you do