By WaterCupNovember 7, 2013 1:02am — 29 replies
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Drink much?
holy cow so we went out to dinner and bowling for my parents birthdays last night and i ordered a 22oz of sculpin ipa
i was watching a documentary earlier today it was about analyzing what really caused titanics wreckage i wasnt expec
The best WORST movie you've ever seen?
any b-movie fans out there i have to admit i love a good laugh while watching a movie so bad it makes you wanna watch
im a leo with cap moon and i still think this is way too damn much its kind of sickening to me i highly recomm
The Mariah Thread <3
she needs her own thread honestly post your favorite mariah songs pictures
Things your Bartender Won't Tell You
1 yell whistle or wave money and im going to make you wait make eye contact and smile and ill come over as soon a
Why do I feel like I've always been talking to an
american girl this is weird coz ive never had an american friend before dxp but it has always felt this way for a
Short men
i asked this question in the other thread but its gone why do short men drive big vehicles
Anorexia and teenage girls
what do you think are the primary causes
Fill in the blank
1 when an aries starts to yep that means youve got their undivided attention 2 when a cancer says