Keep Me Awake

By Doloris_ClaiborneJuly 30, 2022 10:12am — 29 replies
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Zodiac Signs as Teachers
every once in a while i think it is fun to cast the zodiac signs aries- their storytelling techniques are so good you do not even realize they are lecturing aries will roasts the kids the kids roast back its all in fun nothing is ever too serio
Flirting help 🙈
omg i m so socially awkward and i need help with a response please be nice i m just so infatuated with this guy and can t think straight and yes i know what he means haha my flirting is usually direct but i need help with subtlety ive been going ha
The Relationship Between Forgiveness & Religion
1 how do you forgive 2 how does forgiveness look like if you were the person who have done wrong 3 how has the concept of forgiveness influenced different cultures 4 do you think forgiveness is a form of suppression
I need your help
so guys i am currently living in my hometown going to trainings i enjoy very much and have some work because my salary isnt high i usually hold another job now i am currently without it so i applied to all job advertisements for my field of work i
What is a Woman? Documentary
are we just gonna pretend this documentary never happened this is the most disturbing shit ever whys there so much silence about this i mean regardless of your ideological or political stance or how you feel about matt walsh these are real intervi
Mention a Dxpnet user only by their chart and say something...
i e to x sun with z moon your hair is so nice etc
Crazy night with my girlfriend bestfriend 🙈
okay so i am at my girlfriend gidget house and her bestfriend lisa had too much to drink gidget already went upstairs because she was frustrated so lisa walks towards the door trying to keep her balance and i run over to her and hold her up i put
Parents why are you not sticking a gun into your mouth?
babys with teethers are sooo cute but soon they start wailing and cryin in a shrieking voice if they dont get what they want the teenagers are unbearable knowitalls disrespectful far beyond the concept of taking accountability a constant source o
News | Good News ☽
news that helps your day for the better please post them here or you can post one thing or more from your life that has happened to you today that was good also things you are grateful for something that genuinely helps you feel better knowing you
WTF is with...
vagina steaming or for men - anus steaming weird af is this actually done