Why do people tip?

By RealTalkJune 3, 2013 2:05pm — 56 replies
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I'm gonna leave for awhile.
thinking about coming back when im older i mean this would be great for capricorns my age saturns been fuckin a
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okay a while back this guy in my class i was kinda feeling randomly asks me out we were in a group of friends and he k
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love is a verb not a noun it is active love is not just feelings of passion and romance it is behavior if a man lie
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why isnt this controversial much discussed well publicized topic not being discussed on here oh ya everyone is too b
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be forewarned shits about to get weird my pisces friend isnt that always the intro when discussing pisces lol
do you feel like some folk are actually friends here would you go out of your way for someone if in need whom you on