Not sure what my Sagittarius friend is trying to do.

By TheLizWizNovember 2, 2021 2:29am — 15 replies

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soooo if youve seen my previous posts about the leo and scorpio leo claims he wants to be with me and has promised me he is going to make it happen just needs time scorpio is crazy about me and showing great efforts and we have a lot of fun together
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those of you who have gone no contact how do you deal with the guilt especially if you know that person is at a potential for self harm i just feel like i have abandoned him but i couldn t stand to be continuously devalued i got tired of all of my
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anyone actually last in this relationship im the pisces rising and half retarded when it comes to love i could probably fall inlove with a murderer because i choose to see the good in everyone maybe that was a bad example but you get my point the sag
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