It's Time

By Centaur12June 18, 2021 11:42am — 46 replies
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Boundaries versus expectations
do boundaries and expectations mean the same thing to you or hold the same value are you as rigid in your expectations as you are in your boundaries or are you as relaxed in your boundaries as you are in your expectations what are some examples of you
Submission and you
more than a few times this year we have been subjected to the rants and ravings of redpillers ultra-conservative hacks and insecure men attempting to salve their egos from the sting of rejection etc etc in those rants many of the aforementioned wo
why do people constantly try to work through difficulties in relationships or even potential relationships i dont mean after 10 years of marriage i mean after 1 week you already see signs of miscommunication different life goals etc but time and time a
Flirting with a new guy/girl (MEN please answer too)
hi everyone im interested in what men have to say about this as well as women but having been married gone through a painful divorce blah blah im trying to date and feeling like a total newbie again and im scared when men flirt with me i neve
Friend hooking me up. Are we compatible?
a friend wants to hook me up with her neighbour she believes we could be a good match but are we compatible when it comes to astrology i still have not talked to him or met him and i am so hesitant its the first time for me to be in such situa
Me and Gem broke up.
you guys will be glad to see the back of my post on here sorry i have been a pain in the ass i am good at giving adivce not at taking it as some of you know i went to see her last night spoke about everything she told me her problems she cant move
Online dating is comparable to ...
surfing napster limewire finding a good song only to find out that you just downloaded a virus
He offered to go take care of his ex who has fallen ill,an ex that he wanted to marry?
we started seeing each other in february he lives 10 hours away but his family lives in the same city as me he came up to be with his family that he hasn t seen in almost 6 months for mother s day he is planning on staying for 2 weeks so we ve made pl
Help me understand this..
why does a guy connect not sure what word to use here with you text talk share their stories but never 100 yes i know you ll say they aren t all that into you and that s fine but what do they get out of just keep you hanging there what are the