It’s saggy time!

By hellosaggyNovember 21, 2017 7:05pm — 30 replies
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Wtf Sags? Werk!!
so this is what yall do in college all 3 beautiful captains sags southern university kayla pittman singer brandy tries to get into the action https youtu be p2qu2dj1dsi legendary asia martin alabama state old stingettes captain makes h
Virgo- filthy, arrogant, daring, psychopath
do you agree because i really agree on this having met i cannot stand these virgos
NEVER let virgo violate you!!!!
i am a sag from now on if any virgo messes with me he she is gonna be far from being ok
Help! Watered down Sagittarius.
im a taurus april 27th scorpio rising aries moon and usually i dont mesh with sagittarius at all were just not compatible whatsoever recently ive started talking to a sagittarius november 27th he doesnt really behave like a sagittarius hes
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so in my previous post i talked about how this saggy blows hot and cold i reach out all the time etc i found out why so i just flat out asked him you interested or no he responds with its both you re great you funny can cook cool as he
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shortly after bogarts death in 1957 bacall had a relationship with singer and actor frank sinatra during an interview with turner classic moviess robert osborne bacall stated that she had ended the romance but in her autobiography she wrote that
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i feel like i pushed my sag to the end and he told me he hated me and he regrets talking to me and called me names i guess because i wouldnt leave him alone and accept that it was over he practically told me anything to make me think he actually hates
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what are you guys suggestions i read everywhere its a bad combo i dont know her placements just met i dont want to go all the stars aligned on her just yet she seems down to earth and she really likes my story telling we had a good time i ca
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so i m interested in this sag guy but i feel like he s either not really into me or he s just not all that great at communication for instance we could be texting then he just stops or he rarely reaches out and i feel like i do 98 of the time now i