• Taurus People - Please Do Tell!

    My Question! I would like to know which different types of Zodiac Signs you have dated in your past. I would also like to know which sign you feel personally worked out the best.
  • Are we compatible?

    I’m a Libra Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus with a Cancer Mars He’s a Taurus Sun, Sag Moon, Aries Mercury, Taurus Venus, Virgo Mars
  • You and your possessiveness!! Lol!!

    My bull and I used to date years ago. Now we sometimes talk about getting back together which I would also like. At the moment we Are both very busy. He is trying to buy a house after living here in the divorce and also trying to sort himself out with wor
  • Need help with a Taurus Guy

    This is going to be a long post, and I’m sorry to the kind souls who would read it. But I really want to know if there’s anything I can do. I met this guy while at work when he was an intern here. He seemed very relaxed and chill and I somehow decided t
  • cap and taurus

    as soon as this show aired there were comments that they won't last as a couple. they have three kids, and been together for 8yrs and married for 5, I believe, but i do see tension, even in the very familiar body language from the cap. he wants to move, s
  • Taurus Man Breaking My Heart- What Can I Do? Please Help me

    A few months ago my neighbor brought his brother over to meet me..we instantly clicked. I felt like the moment I opened the door I was staring at someone I had knew for a long time. We talked and they left. Later that night he came back, helped me wash th
  • Advice on a Taurus man's behavior

    So I've been talking to this Taurus man for a while but he has some psychological problems at the moment and his emotions are not really in the right place. We didn't talk for a day and he ignored me after I texted him the day after. I finally got him to
  • Why do you have to play Mr. Nice Guy?

    It's an endearing quality to have, but it more often than not becomes a double edged sword for my Taurus. It isn't for show either. I've seen him go out of his way to help randoms expecting nothing in return. He is drawn to their pain, fear, worry. He is
  • Duh

    folks just don’t understand how Taurus functions, I value nice things more than anything, I focus on my career like why the fuuck shouldn’t u do that common sense and fashion sense is lifeee , money over ho’s duh
  • Taurus male coworker confusing the hell out of me, but I think he only wants to be friends..?

    Okay so, I work with a taurus male (I'm an aries female). I'm fresh out of a relationship and I don't want to rush into anything new quite yet, but holy crap I feel an intense attraction to my taurus coworker. I fall hard and fast a few months ago, as an

    Hi, i just need an opinion about this . My taurus ex contacted me after 9 months of ghosting , i asked him what the deal is , he just replied , " hi im sorry , i am currently going through a lot right now and i just wanna say im sorry for what i've done .
  • Birth chart breakdown?

    Hi guys, Not sure if I posted this in the right section but... I finally found out the time I was born so I took a chance to do a birth chart. I was trying to understand it but it’s so many planets, placements, along with meanings that is sorta hard f
  • Help me with my Taurus man!

    I met a man a few weeks ago. If any of you are into astrology he is a Taurus man. Anyways it was unexpected we clicked immediately and had the most amazing chemistry. After that we hung out for two weeks straight. He spent his every moment with me texted
  • super blood moon in cancer

    im feeling it.... i cannot even describe to you guys how my last half year has been. found the love of my life but lost so much too broke with relatives so much unjustice been done to me too walking around with a major life changing decision which w

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