• Taurus hot and cold...?

    Think this is my first post on the taurus board. Yay! Ive read you guys are loyal and consistent..which is amazing . Met this guy irl, which never happens. Got along great, made plans (around food) we both moved back to a town around the same time and are
  • Welcome to the Taurus season!🛀🐂🐄

    When you feel connected to the world around you, when you can feel the soul of the earth flowing through you, when you feel the flora and fauna around you, when your heart is at rest, when you feel so down to earth that you feel at one with the people aro
  • Why did he seem so heartless...... H E L P

    This is a minimal issue about something stupid but what bothers me the most is how unresolved it ended. (Shocker) and also with how responsibility was all on me and not once did he take accountability for how it made me feel. we were out this weekend
  • Just a rant. ..

    I finally see how stubborn I really am as a Taurus. TAURUS AND TAURUS relationship...oh my, when it's good, it's amazingggg but when those horns come out... We're both just so Damm stubborn, agressive aND insanely jealous. It's true what they say whe
  • Taurus ex gets into contact me after a number of years... whats her reasons or motive?

    So 11 years ago my ex Taurus girlfriend and I got together we dated for around 4 years. It was pretty intense relationship and we did discuss marriage but over time we grew apart. When we first started to date, we had very little in common and I guess ove
  • Taurus Woman -- Disappearing More Often Now

    I have read a gamut of opinions on this topic. My Taurus used to NEVER disappear unless she was at work. that was the only time she would turn off her phone when she wasn't around me. Her birthday is on Monday and she said she had a lot of things to do
  • What this Taurus man is thinking after the little stunt I pulled today??

    So today we had our lectures together. He was late for the class whereas I was already sitting on the second row from the front. I had my water- bottle placed on my desk with its cap opened. I looked up for no reason all the while reaching for the bottle
  • Taurus ex still creepin my insta page

    DAILY after 6 months... Long story short, he got distant while we were dating and I got tired of it so we mutually ended it. However, he checks my instagram everyday, several times a day. Why? When I asked him why we can’t just be friends, he s
  • Ghosting a Taurus

    What would likely occur? Ignore list, or stalker?
  • She asked me,'Are you dumping me?'

    We had a squabble of sorts when we were out after my girlfriend was highly critical of my behaviour and she suddenly asked me this. It was so random and jarring and I explained that just because sometimes it can be frustrating (the relationship) doesn't m
  • Taurus's Infamous Disappearing Act

    Well met this great Taurus man almost two months ago. Went on several dates we seemed equally crazy about each other. And now it's been 5 days and no text. I haven't reached out to him cause well, if he's interested he'd reach out to me no? Sigh. Why do y
  • Why he still popping up

    Me and my Taurus man isn’t in contact. He blocked me off every social media account except fb and why does he randomly call me. I don’t reach out to him. We didn’t end in good terms. I told him I was done and he told me he thought I was trying to be cool
  • Taureau Amoureux

    How would you describe a Taurus man in love?
  • Are Taurus people vindictive and vengeful

    To be honest , I am scared of people from this sign, my gosh! in my years of being friends with one of them, the things she has done to people are shocking and depressing, One has to always listen to disturbing vengeful acts they do to people who have hu
  • Taurus Woman Leaving Behind Clothes

    Is this common? I always thought that they wouldn't be the type to do that since they are possessive of /their/ items. She left her shirt behind over the weekend so I washed it for her. We have talked about her moving in before so is this her first st
  • I miss my Taurus and I need to send her a message saying so?

    Guys, I need help advice again. It’s with the same girl as before. We were going out and I wasn’t sure how she felt for various reasons I can’t go into, but we kept meeting up and I thought we were having a good time. Then she had to go on vacation. I ask
  • Taurus ladies question

    Hey ladies x have you ever chased a man and put him off you lol I think I did that with an Aries guy and now he is ignoring me. My fault! Any ideas what I can do to get back in his good books? X
  • Taurus Boyfriend Ignoring me. Help me understand this behaviorrrrrrr

    Ok, my taurus man is deliberately ignoring me and pretty sure about it. I don't like to assume but this time i made sure that he is really ignoring my messages, i don't even know if i did something to upset him. Most of the time, I am calm and collected b
  • Will a Costco pizza with all the toppings make you love me?

    No? How about if I throw in a few $1 churros?
  • Does this Taurus boy in my class like me?

    Hello to all. I'm new on dxpnet. So recently I realized that there's a boy who's Taurus and sometimes I wonder if he has his eyes for me. At times I'v caught him looking at me. For an example, when he enters into the class, he always shifts his gaze to th
  • What should I cook him??

    Ok so you guys were so helpful about my outfit idea! It worked but he is still acting annoying not texting me. But, we are hanging out this weekend. Him and our mutual friends ( a couple) are coming to my place for the weekend. I have a very nice and a bi
  • difference between the taurus stare and the scorpio stare?

    i've heard we have really intense stares when our eyes are set on someone. but i've heard the same in regards to scorpios. what are the differences between the two or are they practically the same?
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    Don't laugh but yeah I dreamed of three golden dragons climbing up a wall and entering my bedroom... After that I could feel one licking my neck and I was letting it lick me... And I woke up with a big smile on my face!!! I slept just for an hour a
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  • Young Pisces Crazy for mature Virgo

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • Virgo Man & Virgo Woman -- How Should I Proceed?

    Hi All, Met him on a recent international group trip. My first impression was he was kind, gentle, reserved, aloof and appeared quite shy. There were also moments when he seemed arrogant, dismissive and curt with me but, I decided not to personalize it
  • caps save their energy for..

    wrestling guns out of shooters hands. it's going to eat him up that he's being called a hero when he said he was just trying to save his life and live. he keeps trying to tell everyone that he's not a hero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGHji60FP5
  • Anothaa Capricorn Q&A ^__^

    I'm pretty bored and feeling like giving some advice to people in need or who are just curious. Every Cap is different, but i'll try my best to cater to your question.
  • Gemini lounge 👯‍♀️🛋🍻

    A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
  • Pisces Boy CRAZY 4 Virgo Woman

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • What's the big issue with water and air signs dating?

    I keep seeing that water and air signs are not good for romantic relationships. I honestly want to know if it's just the stereotype or what?
  • A Quiet Place

    Saw it last night and thought it was amazing. Anyone else seen it and what did you think?
  • The Reef 2.o 🐡🐚🐳🐠

    Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho