Alpha females do you like them yes or no.

By virgokingMay 25, 2020 6:52pm — 96 replies
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what do other men think
about guys like this is this libra moon men vibes img https i imgur com 4mpytbu jpg img but it turns out having a wife who is the main breadwinner is potentially dangerous for a husbands health researchers found being a kept man with a wife
She is never yours it's just your turn.. facts or nah
i say facts i see ayesha curry is trending on twitter because she lost weight now a couple of months ago she said she wanted attention from other men surprise surprise she lost weight post pick up in a bikini even though she criticize other women for d
Signs she belongs to the streets...
she has a lot of tats long history of dating bad boys she smokes black and miles she says there no more good men thats all i have for now
Would you date a girl with an only fans
i say no ill fuck but thats about it look at this https twitter com aaliyahhadidxo status 1261789976695410691 s 09 this guy girl friend is an ex porn star and she do only fans as well she gave her boy friend 22k for his 22 birthday
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true or false when it comes to relationships
is it a red flag
if a girl is always boasting about how good the kitty is before ever getting to try the kitty
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Covid-19 and Going Forward
what are you doing to prepare for the coming recession also how if at all will this change your life and mindset going forward for me ive been giving some thought to a small plot of land in missouri or maybe another state that has counties with n
Open and side relationships. Serious responses.
this is something ive been trying to understand its been bothering me for a while im not interested in replies involving -cheating its cheating if its not a real open or casual relationship -replies not based on experience -negative replies co