virgo man says his patience ran out and that he no longer cares

By Gem03May 19, 2022 8:33pm — 32 replies
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virgo man says his patience ran out and that he no longer cares
virgo man that i have been dealing with romantically says he no longer cares we have been having ups and downs but for him to say this only hurts what do i do
Virgo Power ♍️
hi fellow virgos haven t been on dxp in a couple years just wondering if any of you are still here or are you off saving the world with your awesomeness and all
If God
if god came down and said your last relationship would be the last relationship you d ever be in would you make it work why and why not this question is for you guys not me it has nothing to do with me but this is how some people need to start lo
A lie that’s always told but isn’t True.
there is always someone out there for you this is a lie because people die and pass away alone every day single and by themselves because they waited too late or broke up with someone for smallest reason and than they never find another person lif
Who do you love more!
let s say your dating 2 guys guy 1 you paint a picture of yourself like an angel you want him to see you in the purest light so you hid things from your past and lie here and there little lies but still you don t tell him about your dirty secrets yo
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leo sun cancer moon virgo mercury virgo venus leo mars libra jupiter taurus saturn libra uranus scorpio neptune virgo pluto leo lilith pisces n node or taurus sun pisces moon aries mercury aries venus scorpio mars capricorn jupiter scorpio saturn sagit
Do all Virgos have a dominant fire placement somewhere?
its just something ive noticed when looking up other virgo peoples birth charts including myself so i want to see how general my observation is i personally have a very dominant leo mars i mean who can blame her this queen rules my body ive see
Emotionally scarred
hello virgos what is the most emotionally scarring insult that someone has ever unleashed onto you for me it is when people suggest that im stupid i have adhd so people often tell me im absent minded which is fine but when they use my absent minded
Tell me about this extreme virgo man
rising sign ascendant is in 01 degrees capricorn sun is in 04 degrees virgo moon is in 16 degrees virgo mercury is in 06 degrees virgo venus is in 24 degrees virgo mars is in 05 degrees sagittarius thats a lot of virgo in the chart he suffers
Virboy addition to our gem-scorp family😜
and this year aug hell be 2 he is the sun moon and stars of my life everyday is a new day to fall in love with his antics around the house keeps me so busy that im either running behind him a ton or a sleepwalking zombie everything is chaotic with