Exotic Dancing?!

By DeeLovesRedJanuary 14, 2022 12:38am — 33 replies
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If MUTE feature finally improved and actually blocked user to interact with you...
which dxpers will finally not be able to qoute reply to your thread and comment anymore mine definitely peachy06 and ladyneptune coz clearly they dont get the memo that i dont like or want to talk to them even after being ignored for years
MBTI dating
im an infp girl looking for an enfj man but where yall at you re so hard to find where yall hiding at i need one in my life you guys are the best so any enfjs interested in an infp gal apparently we re the best match i have black hair and oli
On to 2022!!
it s my reflection time of where i m at and where i m going for me i m being anti-social and concentrating on me seeing how this path evolves ironically i m hearing about so many comments to my daughter about me from my ex-husband lately what i thin
Which celebrity of the opposite sex resembles you the most and would you date them?
so apparently science claims that people date marry other who look like them it seems a little weird to me but idk a lot of people swear by it im not sure how this works for gay couples though looking at the celebrities ive gotten told a couple times
Account Names- At Least From 2015-
i haven t been on here in a long time and i do see some accounts that kept their original name but it looks like a lot of accounts have changed their names so please- any accounts from at least 2015 and up that have different account names can you
Which dangerous animal scares you the most?
last night i was dreaming that i was going to get attacked by a raindeer i know it s kind of funny that s why i m curious to know which animal scares you the most i m talking about dangerous wild animals like bears lions gorillas sharks etc whic
40 year olds, what advice do you offer to 30s, 20s and teens
or if you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be
how do you keep positivity in and negativity out of your life and surroundings are you into burning sage or do you prefer praying over candles personally i use spiritual waters florida water fast luck road opener for daily blessings i also light i
UNDERSTORY - Tongass Forest Documentary
https www youtube com watch v da2vrt24ma0 i loved it especially since i live in the city the view of the forest from the water is beautiful but the places with the logs and dead wood are just awful if nothing prevents businesses from further cuttin