Would you date someone in prison?

By Easha23000usApril 28, 2021 5:43pm — 34 replies
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My Sag man went crazy on me because I did not answer the phone...He called ten times back to back. Once I finally answered, he began questioning me, practically yelling at me, like I was his child. He then said that I was worried about you, so don't ever
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Which sign do you think has the most feminine women?
Sagittarius and Sagittarius.
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1. It's a generational planet that was only recently discovered compared to others 2. You are bound to have a lot of Pluto contacts with swaths of people born in a certain time frame I mean tbh, I'd only count Pluto contacts with an inner planet if it w
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I am at loss of what to do with my Cancerian cousin/best friend/sister.. We are very close, but she has this habit of disappearing on me when she finds a love interest (same thing that my other Cancerian best friend does!) So we were supposed to meet up
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I’m thinking of getting back in touch soon with a Virgo man after a period of no communication between us to see if we can make a go of things. We dated but didn’t get to having sex (my decision, definitely not his lol!) as it was a bit soon and I wanted
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How can I get my Gem back on my side we are going through a real rough patch. Some of it is my fault i will hold my hands up. She says she's fed up of the same shit happening between us me going on a nagging when I feel like I am just trying to make poi
Gather around kids, let me tell you how Plutonian relationships feel.
I mean come on kids. For those of you who have never experienced one, I hope you never do and please be grateful you never do. I am experiencing one right now and quite frankly, I feel powerless on so many occasions. It is not really that Plutonian but t
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What is your reaction? Are you annoyed? Or Thankful but keep it moving? How would you react and what is your sun, moon and mars sign?