Ex agreed to talk and cancelled

By LibranebulagirlFebruary 5, 2018 1:00pm — 37 replies
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hi all i am having trouble with a particular friend that always seems to bring trouble to our relationship and i would like your insight i have a friend that i knew for 9 years she lived a bit far and we used to meet around once or twice year but
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so my pisces sun cap moon s o confessed to me today about the status of our relationship of 5 months her i mean you havent changed at all since i met you and it scares me because theres no stability me how so i mean im gonna be rude here you n
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hi all i need advise i went dancing with this girl one friday night we were definitely not dating but in the initial stage of knowing each other anyways she needed to use the washroom but the clubs toilet line was too long so she told me shes
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me and my husband have been married only two months now and i have been having some doubts regarding our future together and wonder if ill be happy in the long-term before we got married me and my husband dated for four months now that i look back i th
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dxp after dark i stole it from there https thoughtcatalog com marcus-jackson 2013 07 i-like-porn-better-than-real-sex
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ok that s it it frustrates me soo many girls out there are to chicken shit to admit they want a relationship with a guy when they really do time to put your big panties on ladies and just fucking admit it to your love interest to your friends and mos
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i read that the woman wife mother louise turpin with david turpin who held their 13 children at home wanted to keep up appreances of having a big wealthy life a big home and many cars it does look like it and looks are deceiving also that the
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i can t find tarot forum on my list so i ve just listened to my reading and we both have 2 of cups which is great except for me she said i have to let in transformation to let this 2 of cups happen and working with his like just let it happen an
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when you guys are busy liking each and every single photo on social media of your intimate partners letting the world know who ya ll are getting it in with or who you want to possibly get with don t go out like that kids it s not kosher one p
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okay its a long story and it probably goes back to my pile of fuck ups and its worrying but this is one of the few major events that might shape my life and i dont know what to fucking do basically backstory over the course of 1 week starting last