What would make a Sag woman try to bully a guy?

By TheLizWizAugust 10, 2021 12:54am — 35 replies
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What would make a Sag woman constantly try to get a rise out of someone?
at my workplace we have two coworkers who seem to always get into it and it is always the woman that starts it the woman is this bubbly blonde with an early december birthday she is usually very chatty and social my best celeb lookalike for her would
Anyone else notice Sagittarius women have that trashiness to them no matter how classy they try?
nicki manaj britney spears chrisy teigen i mean there are a few but i have seen it in real life too while a libra woman can pull off the classy look a sagittarius woman seems to always have that aire of trashiness to them like they would be that rich
Sagittarius women and their god complex towards fire signs.
i for one am sick an tired of it these dummies acting like they are too good for other fire signs who are too busy being actual people in truth they are just broken on the inside knowing they lack the wits of an air sign and natural charisma of a fire
Why Sag women don't end up with fire sign men often.
i noticed in my circle and also in seeing the men that sag women commonly ended up with it usually went 1 air signs preferably gemini 2 water signs definitely cancer 3 fire signs sags and aries happen enough leos are unheard of for long-term
What signs do you see Sag women commonly end up with?
say for either a short term fling or a long-term relationship
Sagittarius women....
are they lucky in love and life like their male counterparts which zodiac sign men loves them
Sagittarius woman compatibility
ok so im 43 an educated sag woman nov 26th i have read that i am most compatible with aries men and other sags i finally met an aries man last month wow i really was attracted to his energy and adventures since we both love the outdoors so much
Do Sagittarius woman move on quick?
i met this sagittarius girl and we hungout once it was nice a good vibe she definitely wanted to go on a 2nd date she asked me where we going next lol but she is 31 a whole ten years older than me now i think im really mature but i guess it was very im
Where did the fine Sag women from this forum go lol
if i recall there were a number super fine sag women on here i cant remember their names
Sagittarius women at workplace
has anyone had experiences with sagittarius women at workplace as co-workers how are they as co-workers