Russian men, ladies

By lisabethur8May 19, 2018 11:32pm — 19 replies
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Traveling companions
Let's face it people... some people are just not matching traveling companions. lol who would you want to travel with and WHY? for example, would you travel with your parents now (now that you're an adult) would you travel with your siblings
vacation for 2018?
going anywhere new or the same destinations this year? late spring.....for the summer or late summer/early fall? we're doing the same things every year, (routinely) lol this time it's up north instead of south (ie, germany, spain, portugal, ect)
Thinking of going to Austria later in the year Anyone been? Vienna or Salzburg or both ? It is a country i have always wanted to see....thinking of spending Christmas there Thanks 🙂
If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be ?
for me.....right now? on my knees or lying on my stomach in between her legs. exotic locations are a plus but not necessary.
Funny or rather Insane things people tried to smuggle through airport security
200 live tarantulas and other creepy crawlies In 2012, officials at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport found 200 live
Crazy experience at JFK-I literally felt THE FEAR. And where's ya'll security?!?
So on the way back from upstate NY we had to come through to catch our flight to London from JFK. We had a major delay and they put us on a morning flight. Around midnight we headed to the BA terminal, it was pretty dead as first flight check in opened 4:
Standing Stones- What, Why and how come..
Anyone else ever been intrigued by these? My next major trip abroad (crosses fingers) is going to be to Scotland/Ireland and I will be visiitng as many as i can. I have always been drawn to the culture and my family lineage is traced back to both area
Selects flights at price seen, goes to check out...OOPS!
"Your flight has increased by $112" THIS shit right here should be illegal. Sorry but, just sayin. It doesn't wash in shops why so online?!? #daylightrobbery
"64% of female business travellers say they would not travel to destinations such as UAE....
which they would probably travel to as a man" My God. This is why I am selective about my reading material. Just outta curiosity...any ladies here one of this 64%?? Statistic take from The Women in Business Travel Report. Read in "The European" maga
So Irma is now Category 5....
Our travel plans are quickly en route to being cancelled. Any dxpers in its path? Be prepared, be safe!