So lately we havent been in much contact and decided not to drag a dead relationship. He isnt making any efforts and is taking my efforts for granted thinking i will not leave him whatsoever. He is busy with his work and lat night he snapped at me and sho
I'm a Cap guy 12/27 and Virgo women drive me insane, especially those on the virgo/libra cusp. What is your experience with Cap men - have they been positive or negative? Share your stories :)
I've never dated a Virgo man.. I've been talking to one and we have gone on a few dates, talk every day. He is so open with me but I'm sooooo scared of trusting. Are Virgos typically trustworthy? I'm very nervous!! Can someone tell me what the
And if so, how do you justify the action in your mind? What makes you believe that it's ok to do so?
Hello Virgo Board, I'm X poster wanting you to read the mind of the Virgo I want to control, granted I won't ever say that out loud. Please proceed to listen to me complain for 5 paragraphs about how simple and basic miscommunication and misunderstanding
Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces some degree of conflict in your nature because of vast differences between these signs. The common qualities are hardness and a true strength of purpose. Real emot
For the longest time, I NEVER liked PDA but growing up, I realize its not so bad. Has any other virgo felt like that? Like PDA is childish and kinda annoying? Now, I do some PDA because of libra hubby but how do you guys feel or felt about it?
Why would a virgo man ask to be fwb after being in a short relationship when he said a month before that he had 'strong feelings'. Was he just a sick liar that was playing me the whole time?
I know you've heard this a thousand times but can't seem to figure out if me and virgo turned a new page. I've known him for 5 years we have been on and off for four. I am 25 (scorpio) he is 24 (sept 4). I won't write a novel so I will be brief as possibl
Hello, I am 21 and Libra I have a long story but I'll try and shorten this up. My ex boyfriend is a Virgo and I made the biggest mistake breaking up with him and taking him for granted last May. I was so sick of him back then and I thought I just wanted
I just want to share my friend story. She had a relationship with virgo for a year . They had sex of course . They broke up as he told her he doesn't have time for her. She accept it. Bad luck, she got pregnant after they had sex and she knew it after he
Firstly I am a cancer f and Ive been speaking to a Virgo m and I thought everything was going great! He used to message me first and we spoke about our lives etc Last night I went out and he was in the club I went to, we ended up kissing loads and ended
Greetings, Humbly seeking the opinions of my fellow Virgos. I have been messaging a lovely Leo lady for the past 5 months and within the last 2 our interest and connection has grown. We do not live on the same island but are making plans to meet
I know you've heard this a thousand times but can't seem to figure out if me and virgo turned a new page. I've known him for 5 years we have been on and off for four. I am 25 (scorpio) he is 24 (sept 4). I won't write a novel so I will be brief as possibl
Post Whatever you're thinking about at the moment.. This is really Gay.. *That's about it in my mind*
Do virgo men purposefully make girls fall in love and make them stay all while having a girlfriend? Then breakup with their girlfriend, with a backup they have? I know Virgos are practical. But are they so practical? Like do they EVER connect or get
Have any Virgos ever had sex or made love to an Aqua woman? How was your experience?
i just can't get over how good is sex with my virguy. Any thoughts about how good lovers they are ? Are there any other placements reponsible for this ?
A place for Virgos to post all about Virgo, what it's like to be a Virgo, and some of our very Virgo moments. Share your
Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
in the whole world than a Virgo woman in love with you, during the early stages. That. No extensions.
Fellow bull here. I've had poor luck with Virgos in the past, but have fallen hard for them through the years without it ever materializing. My first love was a Virgo. It was a platonic relationship, but I knew I loved her at the time. I told her about wa
as a virgo how do you feel about other virgos? my childhood friend is a virgo, so is my little brother. I spend my days around virgos, I really do appreciate their presence, energy and wit I then come in here and interact with some more lovely virg
Posted by DonJohntaurus and virgo. you dick them good. they in love.

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My Aquarian man took a step further by inviting me to an outing with some of his friends. That same night he noticed me and asked if I was ok. I guess he asked this b/c he was paying more attention to his friends than me. He looked me in my eyes and a
Found new sounds. Worried moon shining bright Can I sleep here tonight right beside you? I got a long way to go I'll be off in the morning And I hope but I don't know If she will have me back again Or only want m
I am dating an aquarius who broke up with his ex in December because he was afraid of commitment and she wanted to get married. He misses her and says she was 'perfect'. Is there no chance here for me? Does he need time and it is possible for him to like
For me: Kavinsky 'Nightcall' - always gets me, if I´m alone. Just saw the movie agian yesterday, and I just keep seing that scene from the elevator, when I hear that song. Something about that whole thing is for some reason extremely sad or heartfelt to m
There is a plethora of people whose mißsion is to put others down.
& it's over! 💔 The end.... on 2/5/16- last year I should have listened and walked away. That was the first sign...,
I just bought two herbs and I don't know what to do with them. @_@
Yesterday (yep, Sunday), I taught 1-hour lesson for a middle schooler (Gr. 9) and we went on the new chapter. The title is "Imagination". I thought to myself, oh, this is gon be good. I'll thrive in this :P My student sensed my strong vibration that he
It's redish pink and its really ugly. doesn't hurt but I'm afraid it might stay, I know one lady's eye is still red for a long time time. Does it go away? How do you get rid of it?
Seriously, this chick is one of the nicest. @_@
Any other big fans out there? I love Resident Evil and grew up with it! Own video's. And some cool stuff!
If you want to trade user names send me a message.
Anyone want to trade snap chat usernames? If so send me a message.
Hi guys & girls. I really need your help. I’m back in contact with this Aquarius man recently. He used to contact me years back. This time round I am getting interest in him. Basically he just broke up with his ex 3 / 4 months ago. He asked me for movie b
Do you stay down, cookiemonster, moan, make a post on Dxp or fight back? Please state your sun, moon and favorite cereal.
Sunday is the most stagnant day for me. I'd like to teach the viewers of this post an interesting fact every Sunday and I want the respondents to teach me something new as well. What does Google stand for?Where did the name come from? Google, orig