Was dealing with a Virgo male...things were amazing and then communication stopped...he would send mixed signals and then today he blocked me on Facebook and I'm truly in the dark because he pursued me for months before I gave in...would prefer a one on o
Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
it takes me 3 days to have a crush on someone but it takes 3 months to forget someone.
So my ex of 2 years tried to follow me on instagram yesterday and then on the way down home from work. It surprised me because our relationship started off as really great friends and then we went out. We lasted 2 years and we were super affectionate and
I'm curious to know how it is possible that my Virgo man could be so sure that I am the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with so soon. We have been getting along splendidly for the last month after him chasing me to go on a date for a month prio
Been friends with this Virgo guy for a yr talked pretty much every day. we finally got together spent a few weekends together shared a lot of personal info about our lives and past relationships. Had sex it was great he was affectionate and cuddle made me
feeling bad He is messaging me.. telling me that he wants to check up on me but I have a bf. Conversations with him are interesting and he acts like a tough guy, but he won't give up. He said he won't say goodbye whenever I cut our conversations short
So my ex of 2 years tried to follow me on instagram yesterday and then on the way down home from work. It surprised me because our relationship started off as really great friends and then we went out. We lasted 2 years and we were super affectionate and
On your degree in napping! http://publish.illinois.edu/billynewsandinformation/files/2016/01/graduation_caps.jpg http://pmamethuen.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/class-of-2017.jpg http://cdn.bloomnation.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/ima
Hi I am a typical Cancer and interested in a Virgo women. Don't know whether she is interested in me or not. How to find whether she is interested with me or not. ( either friend or GF) I am following up her crazy but she gives me starring lo
Hello, Virgo male here. Mercury, 3rd House Virgo in my natal chart. I've been dating a Taurus female the last 2 years. We're on the verge of break up due to a few factors, but ultimately due to a relocation. She accused me of being manipulative i
I was with an Aquarius guy for a few months. We were close friends for years, he apparently liked me for sometime but never made a move, and then sometime later i made a move. We date for a few months, he is super affectionate and always wanting to be wit
Ok so I'v been chatting to this virgo guy for ages he didn't seem fully interested so we had lots of breaks in our chatting but he drunk text me one night as asked me on a date. He was really full on between asking for the date and the time we met which w
Sometimes Virgos Can Be Sensitive, and I understand that being Blunt With Them May Be Too Harsh At Times. I Want To Know What Are Some Effective Ways Of Advising Them, Encouraging Them, And Showing Them You are There For Them. ?
I always hear about how Aries and Virgos aren't compatible, and I'm not sure whether I'm truly convinced. this particular Virguy has moon in Aries, while I am an Aries and my moon is in Cancer. We have this undeniable connection, when we're great everythi
So im interested in this Virgo Sun, Scoprio in moon, Venus and Mars both in Virgo too. I can see that he's interested since he does that whole staring thing when he thinks I'm not looking and he is quite inquisitive. H e's started that push-pull game,
Since you guys were so helpful to me with your advice, my friend would like to know about this Virgo woman... Relationships, flirting, emotions etc... The concern is she seems to go from one relationship to another and each relationship doesn't last very
we have just started dating and for some reason, HE SEEMS SOOOOOO PERFECT!!! and he isn't judgemental which I found kinda strange because every Virgo I met is kinda judgemental. I'm a Taurus he is a Virgo. this is his chart: Sun Virgo Moon Libra A
Found this book on google books preview that has sections with how we are based on our birth year. Can't find all of them but I'll post some at least.
After months of push pull... i suggested we just end it.. then, she became mad, argumentative, cold... and it appeared she didnt want me to go... does this mean she truly wants me? or she just likes keeping me around?
The Virgo sun, Venus in Leo thread sparked me to ask how you think a Virgo sun with Scorpio Venus would express his love.
Why is it such a bad placement,most of you guys say bad bad things about it
I want to know some virgo personality traits from actual Virgo's. Preferably for guys. Also what are habits of interest, like how should I know if he's interested. Since Virgo's are slow to approach.

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Ladies: if you engage in one night stands, is the sex good? Or when you start having sex with someone, is it good the first time? Can you generally reach orgasm? And if you are in a FWB is the sex good there? Do you reach an orgasm here?
Anyone here know this manifests in a person?
So how would you know if they are still in love you if you guys have broken up? Or just keeping you in reserve (friendzone)?
"Cancer can be difficult to read on lots of levels, including a romantic one. This deeply emotional sign needs to feel safe and secure before he can let his heart be known to the one he admires. And it doesnโ€™t help that the sign of the Crab is famously mo
You can read more about it here: http://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/maladaptive-daydreaming#overview1 Basically it's not really an official disorder but people who have it spend a lot of time daydreaming themselves in another world. Usua
Would you agree that someone's aura intertwines with yours and can affect your energy because of your sexual encounters with them. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/18/2e/d8/182ed8187f04258dde3a604380331dea.jpg
Virgo moons on here? I have a Cancer sun virgo moon friend, very emotional, tries to hide it .. I don't want to automatically blame the cancer stuff , anyone on here that can explain a Virgo moons emotions ?
I just saw her LIVE, ZOMG!!!!! She is AMAZING!!! Her positive energy is just so contagious and she excuses LOVE!!!! Her band was incredible and the crowd was really into it. I had front row and she totally looked at me several times and even mirrored my d
I met Aqua who has a Cappy Moon; Venus in Pisces; Mars in late degree Libra (28 degrees I think). Also, he has the dreaded Saturn in 5th tightly conj Chiron there in Pisces while that Saturn is square his Moon by 7 degrees. His Uranus in 11th is opposite
I'm a Scorpio sun/Pisces moon, and he's a Taurus sun/Scorpio moon. Calling in all the experts do enlighten me!
i still don't figure much what 'opposites' means and how works in a match? can be the most compatible or is like 50/50?
Can everyone please tell this moron that I had been here for long enough with one account? I am not sensitive to a lot of crap but when some bozo is telling me daily i have several accountsnandnone as Taurus woman it pisses me off for whatever reason I c
kind of late but, i think its too different. things can change but still have the same vibe.. but i guess its probably because George Lucas sold it to Disney...and there barley any Jedi stuff in rogue one and you have to admit the last scene where there
"Upon entering the domain of the People's Kingdom, every soul is obligated to make an oath to God and to himself that violence will no longer be, in any form, an acceptable act. An individual who threatens this oath will find themselves alienated from soc
๐Ÿ™„ We're you able to keep it private? What became of it?
...together? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ What would happen? I am spaced out...
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