are virgos it? or is it aquarius or caps?
Sun/Mars Sun in Virgo/Mars in Aries With this combo in your birth chart you may find yourself torn between opposing influences. While the more precipitous Aries prompts you to rush headlong into an intimate relationship, cautious Virgo reminds you t
Okay i'm writing this because i don't understand my boyfriend's explanation for what he did. My boyfriend is a Virgo sun, with moon in capricorn, leo rising. Let me take you back to a few months ago when we first got together. I caught him on POF. He
Hello, so I went on a date yesterday with a guy I've been talking to for about a month now. The date was fun, and went very well. But I was wondering what y'all think about this pairing. We are opposing signs, so I'm curious about what you all think.
It's come up in conversations more than once with friends of mine. Some think I'm depressed or suicidal because of the way I view death, that being I just don't give a fudge. They talk about how they lay up at night thinking about it, being afraid o
but i find it strangely likable.
Hi, I have been knowing this Virgo man through an online dating app for about four months. We texted each other everyday. (We both living in different city which take about 4hours drive of car to meet each other) He showed great interest in the beginning
Hello every one. I met a Virgo on tinder 4 months ago.we been talking via msg and on fone for past four months. Our communication was not like as if btw two ppl who are really into eachother but he is really nice and he knows I am looking for long term
So I met this Virgo woman, we started texting frequently and got along well. shortly after we hung out for the first tim
Would people mind giving me some feedback about a virgo women I know. It’s a longish story so I’ll try and cut it down the best I can. Back in 2011/12 I met her and we became friends, during the first few months of knowing each other we found out w
Since my previous question was too long and unclear, here's a short version that is more straight to the point. I'm a Taurus woman - 24 , The guy I'm interested in is a Virgo, also 24. Had the best time together first two dates. Kissed passionately,
So we have been dating for 3 years, we got engaged 12 months ago. Generally we don't argue and if we do it is usually about her teenagers. We usually work things out and talk things through but this time it's different. She just stopped talking to me 2 we
Peace everyone, I'm just going to vent a little bit I have a guy I guess you wouldn't call him my friend, because leave it up to his Virgo self he's not my friend. He can be the most easy going person, but soon as I don't behave in a manner acceptable
Apparently I’m a masochist. Blocked the Virgo ages ago and am sitting here listening to songs that remind me of her. Thinking about about our past. Nice things. Not about what a womanizing douche she is. Clearly I have problems. 😑
Dye your hair, lose or gain weight, walk different, fake an accent, gradually take some sizable money from your bank account then walk out of your house and live a new life? Maybe bring one of your dogs? Don't deactivate your social media accounts though
He is cold, distanced, ignoring my texts I heard that when venues rules virgo they are quite sensitive about things any input from your experiences?
We are both 24. I'm a Taurus woman who is pretty interested in this Virgo man. He works at a department store, I always see him around in the hood and always found him really cute. He always tried to talk to me over the past 3 years haha but nothing reall
Experience of Virgo men with Libra women. Heaven or Hell?
we got into an argument, he says he's still upset with me and questions whether to continue the relationship ?
Virgo man blocked me from snap chat I kept sending messages asking him in what's app because he didn't block me there and I wonder why? He is reading my texts but ignoring it and being distant. He used to always when we have an argument he cuts his
.....situation because in the long run, it's beneficial for you to do so? I'm in a rotten situation right now with my job. I could walk away, but that would torpedo my career, and there is a contract involved. 2.5 months in, 7.5 months left.
Regardless of butt size or breast size, do you prefer a woman who looks like a twig before you'd date someone with any kind of curves?

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Hi y'all! I'm meeting the sag I have been chatting with for almost a month tomorrow. He came in the country where I am today. He didnt come for me hahaha coincidence that he has a business and pleasure trip here. And how we met was through an online app w
Hello everyone! Any thoughts on negative sides of female Libra personality? Thank you!
I know this would never happen cause the members are always changing but wouldn't it be cool if we could have a directory Like: If your looking for intellectual conversation see...lady Neptune, hare, Enochthewise, alien, roybn, ixi, ellesbelles,
So i posted in the virgo section but no one cares so maybe my fellow leo's could give me your opinion and input. Long story short on two separate occasions i've caught my boyfriend trying to message a girl on snapchat, it wasn't super inappropriate but
What are your experiences with Scorpio moons? Just made a Scorpio moon friend and never expected to connect that well with a Scorpio mooner. Really genuine, caring and sweet. He is the type that will go to Africa to volunteer and help others. Which he
Been with this guys for 1 year . Aries/Sun -Aquarius/Moon . I am a Leo. Long story short we hit it off straight after we meet . We were attached to each other straight away. It was a pretty intense year with fights and good times. 2 months ago he came and
So today I saw my Scorpio crush after a long time. Almost a year! We communicate online because of the long distance. I just can't tell if he likes me in person now that I saw him face to face again. Online and on social media he talks to me and he seems
Anyone else's FB feed littered with this nonsense? Literally every chick who's had a guy ask her out with a cheesy pick-up line has by definition been "sexually harassed". XD The validation/attention hoaring is real with this one. https://c
Why do we give off this vibe? Why do you think we make it so hard for people to get to know the inner-depths of us?
Do any of you Leos find yourself caring too much about others? You're always going out of your way to help but people take it for granted?
Say you're dating and her sign is compatible. Are you encouraged by this or doesn't affect you. Say her sign is incompatible. Do you keep dating or forget about it? In my experience, I managed to have long-lasting relationship with only one sign. Not
I haven't written an actual topic in a while. Suicide is one of those topics that can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to discuss. I myself have never been suicidal, but I've known those who have been, some of whom unfortunately have taken their lives
I am a Librian and met this Scorpio guy on an online dating site. We have chatted for over a month now and then finally we decided to meet up. I would not initiate a conversation. He was the one who would text each day and then we would chat up. If he was
I deleted all my facebook accounts cuz im lonely with no wife or kids ...smh god help me get threw this b day
Which house is Neptune in your chart? How does the placement there affect you?
Tell me about you! I wanna know how similar we are. I hate sharing. I have a temper. I know how to stand my ground. I have deep emotions. Very caring and overprotective of people close to my heart. I lvoe being top priority. I need attention. I like to
Sexual harassment/abuse stories are really sad. Makes me wanna cry.