Lilith and Relations...

By SnowBunny726August 6, 2022 5:45am — 34 replies
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Non-monogamy vibes?
which placements would give the impression someone is a player it occurred to me ive been accused of cheating multiple times with zero evidence i am faithful if i am in a relationship also had the comments there will always be other women you want
What placements must one have to live this much of a diligent life?
https youtu be 3vdd2 qimwq what placements should i be reborn with so i can be this much of a perfect and diligent homemaker lol seriously i really envy ppl who can live like this i could not thrive working 24 7 cleaning and cooking the entire time
Transits and zodiac
if i have transit mars for example in 7 house on a specific date i meet someone that means he is an aries because mars rules aries how do i find out someones zodiac sign based the date i meet him her and due to transits which house should i check
❤💗 Honorary Pisces Mooners 💗❤
a place to appreciate non-pisces mooners for their extreme kindness beyond the call of duty
Yeah, don't have someone that connects mars square pluto synastry.
ill be honest it really scared me i had the relationships with exes that both their mars squared pluto one is my pluto squared 5 degree to mars in aqua a and other one is mars in leo by 1 or in exact connection b plus it has in natal tbh a di
Astrological placement gifs
scorpio moon stepping away from feeling vulnerable https i imgur com fg0amt3 gif
the "Too much" vs "Need more" in your life...
there is too much fire mooners taurus scorpios and aquarians in my life - i need more libras sagittarius and pisces suns mooners
Why do Capricorn men have a thing for feminine women?
i particularly noticed this in them as they re quite traditional in literally everything they do they re very masculine men with a burning desire to be with a submissive woman the ones i ve met get seriously irritated at the sight of a tomboy butch or
What is some Astrology facts only known by Dxpnet users
that the highly respected classy and noble folks of lindaland lipstickalley is have no idea about
I find even simple relationships difficult
i recently got into astrology but do not know a whole lot my issue is that i find making friends extremely difficult i must piss people off i dont mince words but i am not cruel i think sometimes people dont like my honesty i went online and found