When did this place slowdown?

By HighTideJune 30, 2022 4:05am — 96 replies
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8th house ruler and sexuality
i can t remember if i made a thread like this before lol ive read that our 8th house placement ruler is one of the best indicators of our sexuality and how we express it does it resonate with you my 8th house cusp is in libra so that means venus in p
New moon in cancer (happening today)
this new moon is exactly conjunct my natal moon in cancer in my 9th house as written by astromomma on facebook new moon in cancer- yummy comfy tender vibes how do you mother yourself do you feel safe on june 28th we have the loving and uber
i was asked if there was a correlation between mbti and astrology and im currently entertaining several ideas in my head apparently even jung himself may have spoke about jungian functions and its relationship to astrological symbols as he was learned i
~*Neptune*~ Transits
which house is neptune transitting in your chart and how s it affecting you 12th joy in isolation rich dream life i relate to this https cafeastrology com neptune transits houses html
Fire signs can you relate to this?
https www reddit com r astrologymemes comments velrgn what sign is this
In the LTR between a Water moon and Fire moon couple...
which one is more likely to become the other in the end im just curious since people always say that love conquers hate are water moon is the one who will gradually losing his her sensitivity kindness and be more selfish and inconsiderate or it
Venus and Mars Placement in Men
im not interested about their sexual nature i want to know if theyre dependable adventurous or homebody venus in aries mars in sagittarius venus in taurus mars in capricorn
What’s you ideal date and your venus sign?
i ll go first im a pisces venus i don t have a specific ideal and i care more about who i spend it with i ll pretty much go with the flow as long as the place we go isn t too loud and crowded i prefer somewhere that is one on one maybe a walk down t
The Taurus guy Im seeing
im seeing a taurus guy and just recently he told me he was a year younger than i initially thought i was shocked because he seemed to fit the chart i originally thought he had to a t i thought he had cancer moon and venus turns out with the dob he ga
What is the purpose of a 2nd Saturn Return?
apparently i m in one this year just about now and i m not quite sure the purpose while according to grupovenus there are 3 points in march august amp november 2022 i get i m in an in between place in life time for some sort of transformation