What do y’all like in bed??

By BrittnieFebruary 18, 2018 8:35pm — 90 replies
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Any Leo with a Taurus
any leo with a taurus if so how s the relationship what s the most thing is hard to bare with in the relationship like what s the main source of disagreements
LEOS whats something weird about you?
my leo used to say he was weird looking for someone weird also of course he s called me weird and said he liked it but he s not what makes you leo s weird i don t get it
Need help with Leo male, very heart broken Aries female
hello there i am in quite some need for advice dealing with my leo male i will condense this as much as possible any insight would be greatly appreciated im pretty hurt right now so please dont be harsh when we started dating for the firs
Will a Leo regret wronging you?
so background im an aries female who has known my leo ex for over half my life he for years would on and off again chase me but i would never fully give in regardless of the fact that he would irritate me from time to time he has always been one of
Is my Leo Male Neighbor Into Me? I am a Libra Female
i have known my neighbor for 2 5 years on and off we have hung out at each others house drank beer and wine while watching the game or a movie and a few times when he hurt himself being athletic he took his shirt off and i helped him by rubbing ointment
LEO loves giving me massive hickies !!!!???
is this his way of marking territory lol ok well he said yes when i asked him and he did it again tonight hah and it was massive tempted to post a photo the thing is he lets me go out and dance n yes potentially with other men latino
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do you tell them it won t work out do you silent treatment them do you create some stories insights would be much appreciated esp on this valentine s day y y
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we used to work together and he s been trying to date me by trying to be around me inside and outside of work invited me to his bbq when his parents were visiting him however i pushed him away because someone at work told me he has a bf already i
This Leo confuses me, a lot.
hiya there ill give you the context so you guys can understand this first i developed feelings for this leo and wrote a letter telling her how i felt and she took a week to reject me but insisted on staying friends i agreed to compromise but sh