Song of the moment.

By justagirlNovember 28, 2016 3:22am — 1250 replies
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share your favourite britpop songs here are some of mine https youtu be qjs3xnd7mus https youtu be i7meb2wndlq https youtu be fzngklx4uzu https youtu be 2jmf9uq3yis https youtu be bjkpuh2kjqg https youtu be ijh2 fbjrcc
Hip-Hop Story Telling
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Music for sun/moon
or your placements or what calls out to your placements name some musicians or song writers that calls out to you for me i love fire sun water moon or water sun fire moon singers mostly its scorpio moons not really the other water moons
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Can we talk about Solange's new album?
get ready to be in straight chill mode if you havent heard it its one you play straight through
The Weekend - Starboy tour
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