Do women overestimate?

By SeaLionJune 9, 2022 5:56pm — 54 replies
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do pisces men not communicate when their in one lf their many ever changing moods i m a pisces female yet i tell ppl i confused want to be bothered
“When you know, you know”
i ve heard from both men and women that say that when they first met their spouse they knew right away that this was the person they were going to marry have you ever felt this way about someone early on and were your feelings true
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how do men perceiving women with hight 5 11 and taller even if man is taller than that when you see a very tall women do you say oh shit in a good way or opposite is this harder for a man to approach tall woman and if you have funny stories to t
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i see alot of times where a partner crosses a line and the other forgives them and sets boundaries i cant imagine myself doing that i feel like a person eill always be themselves rather in front of you or behind your back their true self will always e