Would you give a cheater another chance?

By Libra4rmTXApril 8, 2022 9:41am — 72 replies
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall ...
it s always easy and deflective to point out toxic traits in our partners or love interests but what would your so say about your toxic traits what are they i ll go first i m a moody af bitch not in a mean way - being completely fine one mome
Dating younger
i just saw a headline about nicholas cage and his much younger wife being pregnant with their first child she is about half his age i just started thinking about this i mean i understand the physical appeal of wanting to date someone much younger th
Is it a bad sign…
when a couple s moons aren t aspected in synastry especially for men ive heard they tend to marry their moon sign so ultimately it should be important that his moon sign is aspected by his partner for emotional security like is there a less likely c
Thoguths on being love within 3/4 weeks
first of all this comes from another gemini woman who has the libra moon that i have recently been hanging out for 4 weeks with who i went to school with back in the day i have known her for 18years she told me she loves me and has offered me a relation
cringy things you've said/done to people while in love (venus sign?)
the cringiest thing ive ever said to sag s o was that i don t want to live in a world where he doesn t exist when he gets cremated i wanna be burned in the same coffin with him if he ever gets shot i wanna be shot at the same time or if that s not p
the harmful mentality that everything is expendable...
does anyone else think that the everything is expendable mentality is harming relationships and human connections i was up last night thinking about how a lot of us nowadays would rather throw away something than to fix whatever is broken as tec
Friends and sex talk
i know this question can come up and everyone has a different opinion so i am wondering if you are talking about sex with someone of the opposite sex can you be just friends and by talking i mean on the phone and in person discussing what you like doing
Group Work Dynamics- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, & Pisces
my study group in law school is excellent yesterday we met and were talking about birthdays i noticed we each represent one of the elements i am the oldest and an aries i have been the one making the suggestion like meeting three times a week to go
Dating someone with kids
would you do it if you had no kids i have always not been judgmental of this i wouldn t want to be judged for it if it were me i am in a relationship with someone with 3 kids been talking for 5 months kinda dated on and off but officially in a r