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By angelo72April 14, 2022 5:21pm — 22 replies
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Synastry, Plutonic marriage/relationship. His Scorpio Pluto is everywhere in all my planets.
11 years and going not getting divorce he a great husband i think it his pluto everywhere in my planets that explained his undying devotion and undying obsession love for me in the past 11 years and we never parted a day he never get bored of me his
How long were you friends with your SO before dating them?
just a quick one out of curiosity if any of you were friends prior to your relationship how long for and who shared their feelings first
Did I mess it up?
so this leo sun cancer moon bought me to this place he hasnt been to in 10 years and he did most of the talking we had dinner coffee and watched a movie but i felt so awkward nervous and shy that i can barely look at him i remember conversing in ret
My rights NOT to LOVE
i didn t know there so many groups on fb and when i recently found out i was shocked how many groups are about hating exes and i think even more about liars again failing relationships shit and i read in each group thinking wtf are these people thinking
I don’t know what I did wrong with this Taurus guy
ive been texting the taurus for a few days now as he finally asked for my number on monday well actually my grandma was the one that got it for him i would post screen shots but he messaged more in spanish personally i cannot speak it so i used googl
Mirror Mirror on the Wall ...
it s always easy and deflective to point out toxic traits in our partners or love interests but what would your so say about your toxic traits what are they i ll go first i m a moody af bitch not in a mean way - being completely fine one mome
Dating younger
i just saw a headline about nicholas cage and his much younger wife being pregnant with their first child she is about half his age i just started thinking about this i mean i understand the physical appeal of wanting to date someone much younger th
Is it a bad sign…
when a couple s moons aren t aspected in synastry especially for men ive heard they tend to marry their moon sign so ultimately it should be important that his moon sign is aspected by his partner for emotional security like is there a less likely c