Finally let go of everything.

By Centaur12December 20, 2021 3:09pm — 35 replies
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why do tropical astrologers advice against marrying during a saturn rx if im not wrong saturn is retrograde for 140 days a year idk it shouldnt so black and white do you know people who married during a retrograde are they still together appare
Capricorn Mars Woman & Aries Mars Man.
good or bad just that anyone have that combination what is your experience what is your knowledge of this combo
Way of communication & Misunderstandings
hi i am a virgo man married to a taurus woman for 7 years we have a 4 year old son i am a working professional and my wife is a home maker i studied the mbti personality types and understood that i am of intj personality type and my wife is of infp
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the thread titled the one got me thinking about astrology and love languages do you think there is a correlation state your sun mars and venus and your love language and lets see what shakes out pisces sagittarius aries - and my love language i
Relationship involving drugs?
how does it usually end guys i have a friend and shes dating a guy she used to smoke weed before covid but she started doing it every day i felt like i lost her as a friend because she was on it so much and talked so much crap now she has this guy a
How much weight gain before you leave?
pretty straightforward question how much weight could your significant other gain before youd consider leaving them would you be able to talk to them about their weight gain and it affecting your attraction the question was originally intended t
Past forum
i cant remember what post it was on but i remember some of you guys said that you must be friends with a gemini first of all i am questioning my self if i done the right thing or not gem rang me and said well you wasnt going to call me was you a
Guys, What to do after breaking up, to get him back?
i am very confused right now so i just broke up couple days a go with my 1 year boyfriend at first i dont accept it but after 2 days trying his decisions is final we lived together so i asked him to send me back and he stays the night because i do
i just love it when i see karma at it s finest i recently came across two people from my past the following happened to i love it thought about sharing one story that karma s a real boss my brother had this good friend who was a total douchebag he
What’s in a name?
does a name tend to represent a person i mean do you find people that share the same name tend to share similar traits and how do you feel about dating someone that has the same name as your most recent ex what are you thoughts and experiences with pe