Ladies what kind of body do you honestly prefer

By hellosaggyDecember 22, 2017 6:03am — 24 replies
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these stories are hard to keep concise pardon this rendition of war and peace i am a taurus male who was with an aquarius woman for 8 years if i could describe our relationship i would say it was like best friends with great sexual chemistry we en
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hello im stuck on something and i am not sure what to do maybe you have had any experiences or could share some thoughts really long post sorry i met a great guy around 4 months ago both aged 27 he is good - caring loyal loving romantic
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i have a very hard time meeting people and going on dates it could be because im gay and shy in a somewhat small sized city i have only ever been in one relationship but it didnt work out he would get upset with me that i didnt want to have sex wit
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it seems like christmas is the time to get dumped - at least this is the second time in a row that its happening to me last year it literally happened on christmas eve when my boyfriend of some 3 months told me he just wasnt ready for a relationship a
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hey guys if you may remember a post i made not that long ago asking for advice on asking my crush best friend out and telling her my feelings i am here with the prophesied answer she rejected me she waited the week to figure out how to let m
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hi how do you guys preferred a girl to start a conversation what makes you feel annoyed when you texting a girl i always have this worries how do you keep the conversation going what do you all talk about
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let s say you ve been dating for a while broke up you have found that there is no connection both in new relashionships time passed and you meeting her at the supermarket small talk about trivial things is there part of you that triggered sexua
i ve never heard of this article says 5 of the population experiencing limerence i am trying to evaluate myself although it can be difficult to objectively evaluate the signs of limerence when you re in this altered state tennov identified the
Can you be independent in a relationship?
how do people like being in these things i recently got in a romantic relationship first one ever and i dont know if i can handle it when most of me wants to grow on my own it wasnt supposed to happen but she fell for me and feel bad this goes wit
On Soulmates....
for anyone who thinks differently this is grounding to read people think a soul mate is your perfect fit and thats what everyone wants but a true soul mate is a mirror the person who shows you everything that is holding you back