Question for the Women of DXP

By twinkletoesOctober 10, 2020 10:45am — 16 replies
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what is your mars cuz astrology are you single cuz research purposes
Would you listen?
say you were hanging out with a guy you liked early stages not even sure if youre dating yet and one of his female friends came up to you and casually told you all of his red flags say they told you he had a small dick that he wouldnt give
Not realizing the toilet is broke..
until after youve dropped your load at your crush partners place what do you do a throw it out the window b hide it in the toilet tank c mush it down the sink tub drain d toss it in the trash bin f leave it
what are your thoughts on this term do you find it funny offensive or disrespectful perhaps all 3 men - would you ever call someone youre in a relationship with this term even as a joke or is it something youd only say to someone you didnt respec
Skincare Routine
i like simplicity and people saying you need like 10 different products throughout the day are cleanser toner moisturizer serums sunscreen masks etc just stop plus you gotta experiment different products in each category before you find what sui
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i just finished reading a 2014 study that researched the relationship between gdp and life satisfaction it found that life satisfaction tends to decline in many countries once it hits the 30 000- 35 000 mark commonly referred to as the bliss point
Women who have wanted to be mothers since a young age
did you suffer from depression self esteem issues before you had children and were those issues solved once you had children i m trying really hard to see it this way backstory my childhood libra friend recently told me she s planning to have a bab
Relationship advice
i am new here so my question is how do you know if he is the one is there any checklist kind of thing which goes like tick tick tick if so what are they if not how does one decide thanks in advance
Hack: Having A GF/BM/Wife Makes You Attractive (Female Fetish) ♤
female preconsiously attracted to those who already have a partner i believe it a relationship could easily be used to attract more women i think this is why most of my homies cheat or are able to girlfriends turns the most butt ugly into a 10 you