Cutting an Aqua off

By pennystealing123August 27, 2018 1:20pm — 31 replies
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What annoy an aqua the most ?
i think it s withdrawing information i told him a dream i had of him last night but couldn t tell him what it was about and god damn he got super annoyed what is it about them and wanting to know eveything
Help Me Understand Please
so long story short meet an aquarius woman at the gym and finally had enough confidence to talk to her we talk here and there until we actually exchanged numbers then the non-stop texting and flirting 7 weeks later after so many mini-dates and talkin
It's easy being an Aqua :D :D :D
we just dont give a shit xd xd
What the bloody hell is going on here ... Water Bearers ?
hello there dear water bearers so i am currently in a situation with a water bearer his chart is as follows - water bearer sun merman moon though possible ram moon goat mercury goat venus goat mars after a rough start misunderstandings denial
Now he wants to be buddies
guess who wants to help me with some projects for my business i appreciate the offer but it s somehow invoked my wrath now that i m not in need of support now that i have a clear direction now that i m looking hot and fancy now that i m moving o
My goals I'm so happy
to share my accomplishment with my aries woman
I am no longer sharing
my emotions just to my aries woman only its pointless saying it
At my Aries love JanuaryAquarius
and so do i thank you aries my other half
Sagittarius signs hates JanuaryAquarius
fire hates air me who feeds the fire fire cant start without air
Which fire sign has
the tight pussy im going with aries