Gemini Moon cheating reputation?

I kept reading that apparently people with a Gemini Moon are more than likely to cheat? What do you guys think?
24 years old female
😍 Leo 😍
I kept reading that apparently people with a Gemini Moon are more than likely to cheat?

What do you guys think?
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She was a poem in a world of status updates
My sister's cancer ex had a gemini moon and not only cheated but hid two marriages from her. So yeah checks out.

She was a poem in a world of status updates
lol I kid. Nurture over nature when it comes to butter like this.
Oh, gem moon? Don't know. Hope not. Gemini's lack emotion, not very sensitive at all.. Very fickle. Not for all the water in my chart, I'd probably be a cheater too. Who knows.
That the nights were mainly made for saying things that we can't say tomorrow d
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I kept reading that apparently people with a Gemini Moon are more than likely to cheat?

What do you guys think?

Let's change the mood from sad to gladness

I'm faithful .
24 years old female
Bs!My mom has a gem does my sister. Never came across people who can be more loyal honestly. Not everything comes down to astrology afterall I guess.
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Every Gemini moon I've known is a cheater or is really two face
She was a poem in a world of status updates
Posted by everlynn
Interesting thread and responses from everybody thus far.

Nevermind me. I'm just gonna sit on this one and enjoy reading everybodys comments on my moon sign.

I just drop by to show my faceless self

Your a gem sun and moon. What's your ascendant?

Please chime in. Ever cheated?
24 years old female
😍 Leo 😍
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Posted by aquarius_beauty
Posted by Evoxxxscorpio
Posted by aquarius_beauty
Not gonna lie. yes, I do have that capability of cheating simply because I tend to like more than one person. But my sun, venus, and mars block my capability to do so. since they're all fixed.

Gemini just wants to have a little fun.

This is why I try to remain free of obligations or it won't be called 'cheating'.

I like your answer 😍 Lol

Really? why is that?

Geminis not the only one who can have a lil fun lol Scorpios need lovin too 😜. Jp there's always time for a serious relationship when you're ready and there's also time playing the field if you're not there's nothing wrong with it.

Very true. I need to find that someone who will be worth my time and love. Don't find many to be quite honest.
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Maybe they are thinking the same thing. Lol
36 years old male
I'm not a cheater and never will be a cheater. I've been cheated on twice and there is no way I would ever destroy someones world like that.

I'm very loyal and will remain so as long as my partner wants me around.
28 years old female
The Drowning Gemini - Welcome to the Dark Side
It's the person, not the placement. I was in a relationship and lived with a Gemini Moon for 5 years. He was always faithful and we are still best friends. Great guy!
36 years old male
Cheating is more about a persons lack of integrity.
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