Dirty talk examples

By GemitatiJuly 7, 2017 1:48am — 63 replies
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Relationships and grieving
have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was grieving the loss of someone very close to them how did you handle it how did they act towards you while they were grieving how did it affect your relationship
Metaphysical question time.....again
i think we all agree that love is a full experience for women physical emotional social professional spiritual sexual it ticks all the boxes and it has to tick all the boxes women dont date just for sex or just for money or just for social stat
Military wife ? Or independent mother ?
so me and my cancer man have been together for 5 years we are both 23 years old with a child together really rocky relationship with the trust issues and the immaturity he reaaally doesnt trust me im always nagging about finances and hes always fi
dont know my time of birth so here based off month day and year the ephemeris coordinates for may 1 1984 are sun in taurus at 10 48 moon was in taurus at 09 00 mercury in aries at 27 08 venus was in aries at 28 31 i loat
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how do these people who are afraid to get hurt in relationships to the point that they are refusing getting involved getting married what ta heck happens that they are letting guards down and saying i do does it take what or who or why
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i have severe issues regarding to obsession and i want to make it less severe or strong
Treat them mean...
hi ladies theres a big problem ive been having in a nutshell when im dating the girls im actually interested in i think i show too much interest in and possibly scare them off after a month they lose interest and nothing happens but th
Survey (Ony answers by women please): Is not wanting to get married a red flag?
i am not against the idea of marriage committing to one partner for life the laws are clearly in favor of the women in most countrys you can take everydime of him you can literally destroy the mens life there are unfair laws in the us for ex
He should love you just a little bit more than you love him?
this little gem has been shared recently by two different women both older one in her 60s and the other in her 50s neither of them know each other this was two separate occassions and this wasnt said to me but to other ladies in relationships i ju
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i am so scared of colombian now that i think i am going to try and stay away from those penises http bogotastic com 2016 11 21 dating-colombian-men-what-they-think-they-want-vs-what-they-really-want lol