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    We art kinsmen... o blessed King of Longing.
    Joined dxpnet on April 29, 2019.
    “Odysseus draped the towel over his shoulders and stretched his back. "You remember practicing with wooden swords? All the moves, the blocks, the counters, getting your footwork right, learning how to be in balance always?"
    "Of course you were a hard mast   Read more
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    Live the life you love. Love the life you live. -Bob Marley
    38 years old female from Sacramento area, CA
    Joined dxpnet on August 07, 2013.
    Made some yummy chicken fajitas last night! I’m trying to meal plan using only (or mostly) veggies that are in season rn.
  • Do you ever randomly panic that your phone/wallet/keys whatever aren't in your pocket, and it was for literally no reason because when you reach in your pocket and they're there? What's that all about 🤔
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    female from Düsseldorf , Germany
    Joined dxpnet on November 09, 2016.
    Which prominent birthday is yours or in your family?

    I was born the same day & month like Siegmund Freud.
    Son the same day and month like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 😂🤣
    I know it says nothing...but hey why not? 🤣

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    Venus ruled Scorpio with Taurus moon . Partial to a bit of *Hocus Pocus*
    Joined dxpnet on September 03, 2016.
    My inflatable husband
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