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    Joined dxpnet on March 06, 2022.
    Leo sent me a wink emoji. I know this is his way of breaking the ice. I know this means he is not sulking anymore. We didn’t speak for exactly 2 weeks. And I also know he arrived in the country.

    Now, the ball is in my court. All cards on the table. And   Read more
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    Venus ruled Scorpio with Taurus moon . Partial to a bit of *Hocus Pocus*
    Joined dxpnet on September 03, 2016.
    Son said Edgar Wright sat behind him
    at the Raging Bull film in London last night. He recognized his voice. When he turned around to look, he stared straight at him lol. He said he was kind of unrecognizable as there is lot “more” of him. I says “good liv   Read more
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    Hiiii, I'm cuddles
    33 years old female from Minnesota, United States
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    28 years old female
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    female from Düsseldorf , Germany
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    Anyone else tired of everything? What do you do when you feel that way?

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