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  • Napped so hard I had three consecutive weird dreams 😵
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    Joined dxpnet on March 06, 2022.
    Bored n beautiful when she’s having a bad day 😾😾😾
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    Astrological Gangstar . Cmdty, Ccy Investor. Autobody Technician.
    26 years old from Southshore, Chicago
    Joined dxpnet on March 30, 2017.
    @enfant-terrible-ii keep talking to me on my posts these past few months.. KNOWING I DON’T FUCK WITH CHU.
    Like why is buddy always pushing himself on everybody? Retard shit.
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    Joined dxpnet on July 22, 2022.
    Seeing them again in 2 weeks. From the first show (Pino Palladino on de bass):
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    Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter
    Joined dxpnet on June 08, 2021.
    Mom just text me…..”we are headed to your house.” Shit! I’m still in my pjs and the Libra is still in the bed. I just love unexpected drop ins! 🙄 Why can’t I have a peaceful day off?

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