Hey so its a Libra month !.. Well I was in relationship with my Libra and then He broke up there was no such confined reason or any confrontation. Its almost about 1 year now and I had some ego issues honestly. I am a bit stubborn so My friends told me to
I have read we are an unlikely match but have the makings of a wonderful relationship, I just would like to know how you got started and some common issues in the relationship? Thanks in adavance!
Question for my female libras. Is it a libra thing or is it just an individual thing to just want to be real nasty in bed, as well as romantic?
I was dating a Libra guy for a few weeks and it was good. He knew I was a parent from day one. Never met my child or anything, and my child is older and not needing a Daddy. I don't need money or anything else, I am totally self sufficient. He invite
Hello guys, I'm a sagittarius sun, capricorn moon and pisces rising. He's libra sun, pisces moon and leo rising. So we broke up due to him "has no feelings for me anymore." He said I deserve someone better than him. I still love him and has been trying to
As there is a trend into this, feel free to pour your meaningful questions and I would be more than happy to answer. All fellow Libras are happily invited to join me. Have a lovely time on this thread!
So I've read a lot about libras and I know they like to balance things and they may also be distant and hide their feelings well but this one guy in particular I CANNOT figure out. I am an aquarius we're both in college. I've known this kid for years b
After talking to my sweet leebz about the way our latest interactions have been going he got all grouchy AGAIN. Told me that im just constantly attacking him and that he doesnt like everything being"one sided" (Thats news) I sat quietly and list
This libra man is my old flame jus recently in jan tis yr we contact back..however we msg everyday..but as i am gemini i tend to msg long to compare to him..on feb as usual i will text n greet him n ask how os his day...but he nvr reply..after i msg him a
Hi all, I have virtually no experience with Libra people as so far I never happened to have close friends or partners from this star sign. A few months ago I met a Libra man and I am now trying to make sense of his (weird) behavior. I am Taurus with Mo
My Scorpion curiosity has the better of me with this Libra guy and I'd love some feedback from you Libras. We had a first date and it seemed to go really well. He seemed quite nervous, fumbly at first and he is probably the first date I have met in a
for when you have something to say and it doesn't really belong anywhere in particular. Why does the Libra board never seem to have a successful "chill thread?" Can we try (again?) a Say Anything thread? I think as Leebs we maybe put too much pressure
Hi All, Just wondering, is there a way you can tell if a Libra man (or woman) likes you by text message? Long story short - Met my Libra guy back in February. We had romantic interests in each other but certain circumstances had kept us at a friend
1st I know i am going to get alot of grief for this post.. I am by no way pefect but close to it.lol.. anyway I noticed
what things absolutely ruin a chance with you, libra ladies?
Deep open emotional heartfelt for days and then.............................................................................poof! Like nothing happened....trying to get it back and it won't work... Why? Plz explain leebs. Thanks.
Am Aquarius, she's a Libra. We've been together for about 7months now, with everything going smoothly, except a few hitches here and there, but we've always found a way to make up. But 2months now, she's acting too strange for me. He has this likeness for
Hi all, so I about 3 weeks ago I got back in touch with a libra guy who I had romantic interests in back in February. The romantic interest is still there, however we decided to be friends for now. I've really enjoyed being friends with him and liked the
A son!!!! We miscarried twice and it was hard but yesterday we had our gender reveal and found out it was a boy!!! Lil dude is gonna be a Virgo tho 😬😬
Okay so I posted here for my ex Libra long long time ago and It all finished after on and off relationship two years back . He intentionally ditched me proposed my friend , mind games , ignorance , ego issues and all . However I gathered all my strength
Been dating my libra girl for 7 months now with no discussion about sex between either of us. Just this evening while chatting, I asked her if she is a virgin, she became cold. I prodded further, she went offline, came back to tell me she's not telling me
Describe a libra with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Romantic"
I recently met a Libra girl and plucked up the courage to ask her out.... We had a chat on the phone to arrange the plans for 2 hours (although it seriously felt like 20 minutes) Now I have read that Libras are romantic and love classy expensive gifts.

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So I used to be super skeptical of people who claimed to "black out" while drinking and couldn't remember anything from the night before (excluding people who were legit drugged) I thought it was just an escape/cope tactic...like "oh I don't remember
Recently, my aunt, a Taurus woman, has gotten married to an Aries guy. Now, prior to their wedding, they were dating for 12 days. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Now, I'm not one to judge BUT I am VERY terriorial... So, being that they have only known each other for 2 months and
what aspect in one's chart do you find that you're magnetically attracted to?
Who sets off a nail bomb in a concert full of kids???? Heartbreaking
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both of you want to propose to each other, but only one of you knows? i will explain. i've been setting plans in motion with my proposal to my sag. i changed it from december to june. she doesn't know what i'm planning to do. today, i come home and i o
I was in a busy public place forming a line I ran into a person who was very friendly we chatted as we waited to be seen as we got closer ahead we felt very familiar even though we had never met, we laughed talked, joked, as the person asked me for a piec
Their feminine features call to me Too bad their religion sucks a $$
meet frane http://cdn.lifebuzz.com/images/13693/lifebuzz-99c8c27fb23afe60c0ed836b7cb6efec-limit_2000.jpg the luckiest or unluckiest man that has ever lived depending on how you luck at it Frane Selak is called the world’s luckiest man. The Croatian
So, I have a major schedule change coming up in June, and I won't be able to utilize my campus gym. So, I'm thinking about joining a "24/7" fitness center for the sake of workout flexibility. I'd be able to make use of their weight room until I'm back on
especially capricorns... I know this is not a traditional pairing but I know a lot of saggie/earth couples on and off line? coincidence I think the treetrunk not not! or you know ...maybe it is? I dunno XD thats why I am asking you guys :D
I thought I had better insight, but I'm thinking I don't. Long story short: had something many years ago, have been friends since, and now doing something (not sure what). We gave gone back and forth with him saying he doesn't want anything serious, but
It's that time again guys. 1. @justagirl 2. @VirgoGent 3. @GetMisted 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.
Ok I'm new here. But this is my situation and would appreciate any input. I am a Pisces and for the past 6 months have been having a very intense, emotional affair with a married Aries man. It's been mostly constant texting and phone calls. We have only b
I'm strongly attracted to cancer men. I always seem to connect with them. And it seems mutual. But my big ego, and know it all mouth, Ruin it every time. I'm afraid I may have already burned the bridge with this cancer man. And now I'm scared I'll
You know the story the Tortoise & the Hare - slow and steady wins the race. It hit me today my Cap is teaching me to slow down and the benefits of slowing down. I am always one to be running around with my head cut off. I take on too much always and g