The libra who looks for you, makes plans, keeps them, stays in touch on his own & keeps you updated. Or The other libra who waits for you to call, breaks plans, doesn't make an effort, nor updates you on his life or changes. What's the differen
Happy Birthday (D) what-on-earth-is-a-Muldra ! Holding the Libra / Leo connection down for two straight summers. It's the 19th here already. Fitbit and wine is all you need.
Describe the behavior and "actions" of a LIBRA when in LOVE VS. LUST. Based on your experiences
I need help understanding a libra guy!! He seemed shy as a first impression. I said something to him before I left and the next day he was the total opposite. He was super giddy, initiated small talk, sat beside me and tried to avoid showing me a dirty
I dont have a wife or kids
Happy Birthday @ChoXtsy (D) I was away all day today so I only just got on now. A Libra Sun / Aries Moon anthem for you
Do any of you feel like it's hard being a libra sometimes? Being judged for being too nice, when those who comment have
for when you have something to say and it doesn't really belong anywhere in particular. Why does the Libra board never seem to have a successful "chill thread?" Can we try (again?) a Say Anything thread? I think as Leebs we maybe put too much pressure
Hey libras, I just started a relationship with a younger libra. I really wanted to know your experiences on the subject: what you think about it, how was it, do you know any successful Leo libra stories, the hardships they encounter... I previously


Astrologer Rick Levine offers audiences a unique and comprehensive perspective on the sacred science and art of Astrology. Runtime: 1 hour, 11 minutes
Happy Birthday to the Libra who's passed a hell of a few milestones this year and still posts grounded astrology regardless. Enjoy your day!
Hey I'm new on this website. I'm hoping i can get some advice from my last relationship. I been seeing a libra man for a year and a half now. Everything was going good until he started ignore me. I told him i loved him and i wanted to see him in my future
A question for my librans! So I have a huge attraction towards a libra male that I just met in person after a year and a half of us curving (faking) on each other , it's so fustrating, we text and text everyday when I don't text him first he doesn't t
So I dorm in a college dorm and yknow how that's the perfect set up for drama? Well there's this cappy boy who lives across the hall from my suite and both my roommate and suitemate like (????) him... I say like with question marks because I know my ro
Anyone else notice the super sweet posts about a libra in your world (social media) or people talking about them? The other day I was talking to a group of friends at work and one of them was telling us about how his wife is, turns out she's a libra (he's
Would you ignore someone you care about when you're mad at them ???
We have an official date for the 17th.. We've been talking for a couple of weeks and I'm actually excited b/c the communication is so easy with him.
Describe a libra with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Romantic"
Hi I'm new here. I'm a cancer and met a libra on an online site. He messsged me with great charm! He's a gentleman but OTT romantic. He's currently up north visiting his family (his twin and he will be celebrating their 55th bday soon) so we haven't met y
I met a libra man today he came for a presentation about some office etiquette thing, he has come here few months back, last time before he left he was flirting with a woman in our office but they were talking for a good while ( we thought they knew each

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What show or movies would you recommend for someone to watch that's learning Deutsch so the May understand the cultural nuances of the language.
I was in my country at first talking to some friends about meeting up later. Then I was on a mountainous road. I passed a lot of buildings that looked like the ones in my country buy on second thought it might not have been (I'll get to this later on). As
Hey, I want to take up the cudgels fpr us Taurus people. MAny say, we are boring, because we dont go out everyday to events. I punked out my aries gf because she keeps telling that. 1. We are passive consumers of the good things in life. That m
1. Whenever I'm not okay I feel like calling him but I always get nervous and I don't know if I should, even if I don't tell him I'm not ok and it's just to say something random like "I'm leaving work rn do you want me to buy anything for tomorrow?". Do C
Would you say are the key differences between the 3 earth signs? Thank you for your reply! :D
I read in most posts about astrology that arians are direct-straightforward people. But i almost always find my bf beats-around-the-bus to ask me to do things. I'm a straightforward person myself and i take thing just as it is said so i don't really get h
considering Cap moons are into earthy and traditional women and Scorp venus are into the femme fatales.
So I'm an artist, and I met a collector online after reading about his collection and being fascinated by his approach to collecting paintings and the such. After back and forth communication over email, I was beginning to think this guy is pretty similar
miss my lava lamp. used to stare at it and contemplate. that'd be perfect right now
Instead of preparing an amortization table? I know there's an excel formula, I found it, I forget which data to plug in where. If anyone knows the breakdown of the formula it'd help me out, I have two more retake exams tonight to do and I do not have
So, just curious if I'm the only one or could it be because of all the fire in my chart... Do any of you guys have terrible tempers? Like quick to anger, quick to over but the damage you do when you're mad is legendary? I hate that aspect of myself!
Please share any knowledge you've read or experienced about Cancer ascendant. :) My rising sign is Cancer and it's interesting because the older I get, the more I see a water sign influence in my lifestyle. I am obsessed with meticulously creating a c
Ok, I'm a recovering Gemini addict... This isn't working out for me unfortunately😭 I have Mars in Gemini so naturally I'm attracted to them. I like witty, mysterious men... Please help? Rising-Aries Sun-Cancer Moon-Sagittarius Mars-Gemini Mercury
And she stuffed a hot pencil in my ear FOR NO treetrunkIN' REASON....All i remember afterwards was that couldn't see straight anymore....
I did some writing and made some of my interpretations of each dragon. Somewhat inspired by DnD. Enjoy. Zodiac Dragons Aries- Fire Dragon. Ability to call armies at a whim. However they can take on an opponent by themselves. Very temperamental,