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I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
Dezra Vapa Pirate Patch
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit??s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading??_ he didn??t have what I thought was the best post of the day, he just gave me the idea. But I like to give credit, so there??s another good reason for making this thread.

So idea is simple, any day that you see an awesome comment, post or anything that tickles your fancy, we can add it to the collection. Obviously we all have different preferences and taste, so post whatever is important to you, it could be heartwarming and something you think is beautiful, or just something you think is funny as hell.

I will say that this thread is a collaborative collection, a place for everyone to share and keep sharing, so it is suggested that each person contributes one or two post a day, and not spam this thread. That??s not sharing! That??s being an marker.
Dezra Vapa Pirate Patch
irst post, I would like to recognize another lunar gem!

Posted by tiziani
Posted by SatoriFierce

That's going a bit too far to try and prove her wedding night is about to be her first time!

Me thinks she protesteth too much!
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Only nice person on DXP
Posted by VivaciousScorpio
Go away LetitB, leave all us sock puppet accounts alone.
from America
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Best response:

Dezra Vapa Pirate Patch
Posted by arietteheart2
The was my comment. Thank you.
Oh well he didn't give you credit than... That's not my bad.
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Cheers Rob.
from America
"Scorp Sun Pisces Moon & Pisces Rising My own
Posted by KingRat


aww..did that give you a wood little boy?

from America
"Scorp Sun Pisces Moon & Pisces Rising My own
Posted by KingRat

u come at the king with that?

boom dxp royal flush!

There's goes the little woood...

30 years old female
Posted by KingRat
dark temptation?

30 years old female
(That was my vote)
Dezra Vapa Pirate Patch
Posted by arietteheart2
He tooted and booted. You must have lousy kitty. Try kegels.

Dezra Vapa Pirate Patch
Crime fighting on rooftops by night.
Posted by Damnata
Anyway, I'd love to join the pity woe is me fest but I'm not a water sign.

Either way, what I said stands. If you ever feel like really reading into the Virgo psyche and not just engaging in an emotional circle jerk..I'll be around.

People shouldn't date Virgos anyway. It's hard to be in the presence of greatness so I understand how it pokes at insecurities. You are forgiven, my children.

Posted by virgoyum

I find that most people who go on diatribes...lack self-awareness and are always looking for someone to blame.

But if you want to overlook a whole subset of individuals. Carry on. Meanwhile all of them will be living their lives not giving a treetrunk.

Virgo-Pisces Axis - The Saviour of Axes ♍ - ♓

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