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By AerazoJanuary 14, 2018 7:43am — 29 replies
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so here it comes im honestly just really curious never been in a concrete relationship with one but am friends with one would love to hear about experiences anyone has had with these men anything unconventional crazy p
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she got herself a new man https www youtube com watch v 0croz2 6a0u an aries man according to the wikipedia https en wikipedia org wiki baron davis he looks kind of like her ex husband scorpio ben harper but not really lol img http
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i want to know why some aquas tell a person to give up and dont put any effort into certain relationship issues but then when it comes to themselves they say the person didnt wait for them and just wasnt patient enough do you guys just like thing
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so i know this aquarius woman who was having an affair with a boyfriend of my best friend he cheated on her a year ago and she stayed with him because he sincerely felt sorry for what he did it happened with a colleague the only thing is that a few months
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i came to this forum a couple of months ago about an aqua guy ive been seeing for 18 months which is unofficial to everyone he has now gone away for a few weeks i asked him to let me know when he got to certain destinations and he did by either ph
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its an awkward situation last saturday im planning for getting engage with my aqua this sunday and last saturday i was sick and my aqua made food and sleeping at my place by 19 30 someone knock the door and when i opened it i was shock as my ex virgo
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hello need to understand this i have this aquarius friend we used to text and talk everyday non-stop started to really like him and thought our friendship was developing into a romantic relationship he never made any moves or tried to get intima
i have no idea how to love this man that im in a relationship with i thought that love was supposed to be warm and effortlessly given and received this seems like way too much work and he doesnt even appreciate my effort i dont know what more he wan