Egg shaped penis...

By AAApril 17, 2018 1:13am — 38 replies
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How do guys figure out engagement right sizes?
I was just curious as to how guys figure out women's ring size without her knowing? Especially if she doesnt wear rings?
What are your snapshot/deep thoughts of these placements alone?
Sun: Capricorn Moon: Virgo Ascendant: Gemini Mercury: Capricorn Venus: Aquarius Mars: Sagittarius Jupiter: Cancer Saturn: Capircorn Uranus: Capricorn Neptune: Capricorn Pluto: Scorpio Lilith: Scorpio Ascendant Node: Aquarius
What are your thoughts of these placements alone
Sun: pisces Moon: cancer Mercury: pisces Venus: pisces Mars: Sagittarius
How much fibre does it take ?
A question I pose to you all. How much fibre does it take, to successfully achieve emotional constipation ? Come now, all you air signs. Give me your secrets, spill. XD
Engagement ring questions
How do most men go about getting the right size ring for their mate without them knowing? Just curious...
Attraction very intense/billy type of people almost psychopaths
I have made a thread like this in the past, but I never really asked about aspects I attract either VERY genuinely nice people OR VERY mean people. It’s not even me being psycho. A lot of the times these psychos or intense people are strangers, family me
I Miss Her
I took a nap earlier... Just wanting up. Am I going to immediately document this. I had a dream about this girl ..I never met her. She was slenderly petite, nice brown complexion, short hair that was slicked down with gel against her scalp. Somethin
Job opening, how to find the right candidate to become an employee?
Job opening, how to find the right candidate to become an employee? So I’m in a position where I’m involved in finding the right candidate to fill a job opening. The opening is for a trainee role, the potential employee will mainly be trained by me
somebody need to give me one
Fixed signs
@tiziani i could not help but think of what you told me about a fixed sign would be good for me when i hear this song XD. Bawhahaha