Men butterflies

By GemitatiAugust 18, 2016 5:18pm — 18 replies
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Guys, post a pic of yourselves???
this is in reference to the sexiest man on dx thread the ladies have been asking well its time to give them what they ask for post those mugshots gentlemen
Good lord peeps
im off dxp for a week and sex is still the main topic of this site yall seriously need to get laid
Unsexy people of DXPshithole
i dont think we should shine any light on them luckylibra979
Sexiest men on DXP
who do you think they are lets give the guys some limelight for once ill start luckylibra
Death from love
have anyone ever died from love seriously like got sick emotionally destroyed and died
Dxp causing macbook to act up?
this keeps happening and it only seems to be when im on this site anyone else having same issue
What's your current mood???
http i186 photobucket com albums x296 pelotero2 uyyy gif http i186 photobucket com albums x296 pelotero2 mobile 20uploads image 7 gif
i have a friend he is taurus and his venus is in aries i have read that taurus people are loyal take a lot of time to find the one and fall in love patience is the key i have read that venus in aries people fall in and out of love very easily lose
What is your favorite?
what is your fav alcoholic beverage and cocktail for me ill have to say im a whisky kind of gal which whiskies - markers mark bourbon - jack daniels - johnny walker fav cocktails - whiskey sour - martinis - mojitos