Feel Good Movies

By GC69_August 17, 2022 11:13am — 131 replies
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not only am i impressed he released a throwback during mercury retrograde but he did it well you did good tom
Turn ons in movies vs RL
pulling ariese s type out of him to compare to alexcaries and found out weird shit he loves angelina joli in pushing tin then jeniffer aniston her butt and juliet lewis and salma hayek in dust to dawn i think it s weird combo now i see that a
Paul Rudd so Aries
how is this nice fella surviving all this fire shit sun in 16 41 aries moon in 8 12 sagittarius mercury in 14 16 aries venus in 19 49 aries r mars in 14 20 sagittarius jupiter in 29 10 virgo r saturn in 27 3 aries uranus
The Vampire Castle
inside the vampires castle the first configuration is what i came to call the vampires castle the vampires castle specialises in propagating guilt it is driven by a priest s desire to excommunicate and condemn an academic-pedant s desire to be the f
Post Pictures From Movies or Shows you are watching
please warn of spoilers way above pictures if they contain spoilers thank youuuuu xx
Last Night in Soho Fun Facts
director edgar wright has managed other films such as baby driver shaun of the dead and scott pilgrim vs the world https i postimg cc tyh5mhvn giphy-1-31 gif anya taylor joy has been in other projects such as the queens gambit and the witch http
Blade Runner
so im now watching blade runner just never got around to it before now ok firstly you can see rutger howers character very early in the movie like right before deckard is picked up at the noodle stand lastly is the netflix series based on blade
Why is Ben sad?
why the mope https youtu be aphq6b5qqnk
Your thoughts on the new 007
well overdue man cave movie no longer will you still be interested in seeing the franchise
I want to watch Bond but...(spoileralert)
is it true that he gets outshined by the famale agents that nomi is overly domineering look i force myself to be openminded but to me thats just a reversal and and they didnt hide their agenda enough so i cant feel entertained i want to watch it