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Double deprivation
serious talk time gentlemen what s the deal with not wanting to dp a lady i heard a rumor that mainly it s hetero men who have issues with this because junk rubs against another brother s junk but i don t have enough sexually attractive trustworth
Post Your Hands, Forearms, Legs, or Butts
post your photos gentlemen please and thank you
Do you keep sentimental stuff?...
like cards gifts notes letters etc not just from your romantic interest at the moment but past loves or do you keep them for a while then toss them in the trash or just immediately toss them should women even bother with cards or letters
How to slide into females DXPers PMs?
without being put on blast for the whole community to see amp being banned for sexual harassment tips muddafukas
Just a sex vs toe curling sex
men i understand that sexual can be mediocre sometimes and toe curling sometimes i am not asking anything difficult here if it s the same woman and sex is mediocre - is it always that way and if it s another woman - is sex toe curling always does
How do men feel about being stalked?
i m curious cuz a lot of my female friends complain that guys that they met online often turn into some sort of stalkers ironically they stalk the men they are interested in as well eg going through their ig and fb doing background checks driving by
Kitty Shots
a lips closed b lips open c no preference d please dont send me your kitty
Women driving trucks
scenario you re driving and you pull up next to a nice truck and you look over and there s a chick driving it do you make an assumption is she a tomboy is it her dad or husband s truck do you hit on her why
Man Cave Gut Check
how many of you wears one of these either on a protest or because your so wants you to https gayeststoreonearth com wp-content uploads 2017 05 pink-pussy-hat jpg
Older women
men what s about i love older women is it real why for me there is one reason can t het younger any other reasons share please assuming you are a stud not a whimp or submissive