I think im losing my mind over him...

By Gem03March 16, 2020 12:01am — 31 replies
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i have been friends with him since 2016 platonic he would always compliment me and hug me told me he wanted to keep me for himself i kept him at an arms length i just brushed it all off i was getting over someone then from may 2018 till december 2
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the answer will always be youre doing it wrong but since you ignored my advice i told you so youre welcome
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i met up with a few buddies earlier in the day we were smoking w d i started to feel good and happy i met my girl later and she looked flaming hot in a red dress and red heels i was already horny so i got on one knee and proposed no ring just a promi
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heya so long story short i was in a situationship with a virgo male for some time he treated me poorly was disrespectful and selfish multiple times etc before i ended the situationship i texted him a polite direct summary of the mistakes he made a
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update met with a counselor who helped us communicate better we worked out a lot of issues all except one she is refusing any and every type of sexual activity she doesn t even want to have phone sex during the counseling session i opened up about
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cancer girl here and i have my eyes on a virgo woman can someone please enlighten me on what the dating style is like for virgo women she s also the first woman that i ve been attracted too only ever been with men we met october 2019 and it has take
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img https i imgur com wn3aljx jpg img
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met my girlfriend 2 1 2 years ago and during the past 2 years we have had sex a lot crazy mind blowing hot fun some times marathon style sex but crazy thing is about almost 3 months ago all of a sudden she has made a vow not to have sex anymore unti
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so long story short went from collegues to friends to seing each other but not going anything he got dumped a few month back that is when we got closer we would have nice dinners with wine watch netflix toguether etc but nothing i casually asked
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we ve known each other for almost 3 years but we didn t truly become friends until the middle of last year she s randomly come up and hugged me tight from behind and the hugs lasted for quite a bit with her resting her head on my head and asking how i am