Hello I'm a Virgo met a Capricorn 6 weeks ago, he is a lot older than I am, had 3 dates one week each. then he went away for work for 3 weeks. He asked for my surname on first date. Kissed me on second, then on third date he talked about things we sho
I have been talking to a capricorn guy for one year. He seems to really like me and he has said it various time. And I got to know from one of his friends that he likes me. Now the problem is that he does express his love. Sometimes, he stops contact
why are Caps always good at writing, they all have a way with the words, are good at language and literature? They are good with arts in general - especially music, literature and architecture. EVERY Capricorn I know have great taste in music, and
So since my last update, everything has been moving along great. He's made a huge effort to give me the things I need to feel comfortable and secure in our new relationship and I've been doing my best to do the same but it seems like nothing will satisfy
Hello eggs What do y'all think of this combo?
How do you deals with that ? I've hear negative energy Will bring you more négative energy. IMO Just treetrunk off, seriously treetrunk off, How is the start of 2017, is your mind still on ? or is that start awful ? You know like those kind of Day you are asking yo
Have you dated a Capricorn? Did you make it to happily ever after? If so, share your stories- give the people hope. If not, feel free to vent.
I debated about posting this but I actually think it's funny. I'm finding it so hard to get over him. Sure I'm living my own life and not talking to him. Today though he said hi to me in passing and I've been walking around with a smile on my face ever si
http://i.imgur.com/B9bt7TC.jpg How do you see succes in live, how did you reached succes in life ? what is success in life ? most of the time, when i achieved something i didnt felt anything, each steps in life, i have the feeling that you have to
Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a very forceful and purposeful personality. You have a strong drive to succeed, and you're willing to work very hard to insure that this becomes a reality. Prestige is
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing
Hi.. I have as ascendant to Capricorn, ¿how affect this in my personality? ¿What characteristics apport me combining my sun in Scorpio? Thanks advance..
Anyone want to trade snap chat usernames? If so send me a message.
So. A question. The status is: my Cap is pulling away completely. His messages are usually one word or none. He says he needs space. When we are together he makes no effort to talk and spends most of the time on his phone and says our time together is b
How do you define someone as Earthy. Is it being more realistic, grounded, practical or more towards the physical?
What do you Capricorn women out there tend to do when you like someone?
I have this Capricorn guy in my life, we are in a LDR. He is coming to my city for a long weekend so I have booked a beautiful room with a spa (which I intend on thrashing) Would love some creative ways to surprise him as he has been under a lot of pressu
Second time dating one. The first one ended horribly. The attraction is so strong, but afraid it will end like the last one. Too many differences. But, damn, the chemistry is so dang good. I was just wondered if any other Caps have had success with Gems.
Checkin in with everyone to see how everyone is doing. 1. Have any new accomplishments under your bet you feel like sharing/bragging about? 2. Have you started up anything new that requires discipline and accountability? (Like a workout routine with a
Hello everyone, my name is Kate (cancer) and I've been dating this Capricorn guy since 2015. In between we broke up twice and we got back together after I looked up for him. He always tells me that he really appreciates that I'm the one looking for
My girl is still doing it. Every once in a while I get fascinated by Ms. Mary J. Blige with her crazy behind. Her first song and video was "Real Love" in 1992. https://youtu.be/90c9pEtZquw During the time she was in a rough relationship with a V
So my Cap has been talking about changing careers to one that could take him on the road (touring). I mentioned that it would be hard to be apart for so long, and suggested we could potentially work together. You know how Saggies love to travel :) H
Which is yours? (There is a quiz on the website) This is how I ranked Quality time ranked highest Words of affirmation was a close second Physical touch Acts of service Receiving Gifts
@ArticleL http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7188/6905774451_3527c8890f.jpg
Capricorn do you respect hierarchy ? or you just piss of on it ? or are you mitiged ? Post moon and Venus. tbh ion giv a single butter, i'm the real boss imo. and the cap board should obey me too :p

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hahaha troll thread name😂 I am just bored😂trying to see if clic bait works😂
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Magnetoteborn. Bye creepy weird stalker bleep. GreyWiz anyone remember this annoying bleep? What a miserable marker.
That social media site is a gold mind gold. Also, how to cache a website from specific time and date?
Her and her husband rent a house from me and are behind $1500. I'm out to lunch and she's my waitress. Do I tip her or put it towards her debt?
Which animated characters represent your placements? Do any placements you want... Gemini sun - Wonder Twins! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d4/ed/df/d4eddf6905372d1ecf114aabd4626fde.jpg Pisces moon - Kiki the Witch https://pbs.twimg.co
How many of you gems are bar stars? Seems to go with the personality of all the attention required! lol My bf USED to be one. Oh the things you discover as you get to know each other. Feel odd dating one, as I consider barstars not necessarily cool, but w
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/03/f4/bc/03f4bc22a42d9f6f969e8cc3820f460d.jpg http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4treetrukdPGHY1rn4hkjo1_r1_500.png http://cliqueimg.com/cache/posts/img/uploads/current/images/0/93/493/main.original.640x0c.jpg "I
OMG! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH DENISE! She's played by Lisa Bonet. MY HEART, YOU GOISE! 😭😭😭😭 She is such perfection! And I thought I was in love with her daughter! WOW! Bonet is just so beautiful! 😍😍😍😍😍 I would DEFINTIELY "go gay" for her! Take me back in t
Let's see who can do some digging and figure out as to why she's such an insubordinate haha. How bout dat?
Whoch one matches gems better? Tell me the pros and cons!
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