Lady Caps, what scents do you like for yourself? Cap men, what do you like to smell on your partner? Thanks in advance :)
Can any Caps out there offer my some advice on a very confusing situation I have with this Cap woman. We work together and for the first few weeks she worked at the company she seemed to not really pay me much attention, then the first night we all went o
Usually I find myself just super happy being single. I love it. Lately though I have this feeling like I want to fall in love.. I want to be in love. I want to care about someone deeply and just like genuinely connect. Wtf is wrong with me.
can just be me but, i feel like we are not 'the first choice' of you guys...
Hey guys I've been on here on in off with my Cappy guy. Trying to tap mainly inside a general insight on a Cappy guys emotional mechanisms. It's been three years with my Cappy in a long distance relationship. It's had its challenges as my Cappy after a ye
What does it take for you to admit feelings? I dont even mean I LOVE YOU. I mean just feelings. How to get you to open up? IF you are still talking to someone after 2 years, is it safe to assume you like them. How do you show care for someone?
So heyy to all the caps out there! 🙋As you say i am a sag full of capricorn so i thought i would ask for your insights. How do you act on the relationship field? I am shy , and even though i want to do stuff and the 1st move i end up doing anything but
Im getting back with my cap ex after almost 1 year of being apart. I ended it because after 2 years of seeing each other he didn't seem ready to commit & didn't make me a priority. I never got over him , he contacted me saying he missed me & wanted to wor
Do you have your Venus in Cap or know anybody with their Venus in Cap? What are Venus in Cap people like in love? How
Hey fellow Capricorns... Please share the quotes that stuck with you... share the quotes you love. :) Please try
You know the story the Tortoise & the Hare - slow and steady wins the race. It hit me today my Cap is teaching me to slow down and the benefits of slowing down. I am always one to be running around with my head cut off. I take on too much always and g
How does cap women act towards ex's and how do they treat men that they don't like or don't want to be bothered with. How do they act towards all men after they have had they're heart broken. How do they really feel about relationships and what's they're
Pluto Capricorn generation or what???? Ali, Foreman, and countless others are Capricorns, apparently they love boxing 😊
Hello there dear Goats, What advice could you impart on a Stinger in regards to handling Goat ladies who seem to end up being catty, in their unnecessary comments unrelated to work ? Better yet, if you will, do share a bit about how you maneavuer wi
Both Non-Verbal and Verbal, I'm more curious as to non verbal signs, or is it hard to tell? Here are some things she
Long story short after a long time of being with a capricorn 7 years she decided again that she needs a brake and this is the 4 time, nothing has really changed but i can't take it anymore Like were were supposed to go somewhere this Friday and we made p
I am an aquarius lets get that out the way first. It started off this cap girl from around my way would always stare at me wherever we saw each other,but it wasnt a regular stare she would stare at me as if she wanted to attack me in a good way Lol. I th
Okay so this Capricorn guy approached me on Feb and we went for a movie date and it was great and after the movie we chatted a little hell he even gave me a rose in the end. I don't know maybe he knew how to charm a lady. And we were texting back and fo
My emotions are my own to feel. Just because I do not vocalize them or show you them outwardly does not mean they are not there. They are my own to understand, pick apart, understand or be burdened by, It doesn't mean there is never a storm brewing beneat
Describe a Capricorn with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Cold"
Why is it so hard for Caps to reach out directly? My friend had invited me to a boat party, he is a tecno/house Dj, not many people were going, I posted attending because I was going to support him AND there was no way the Cap knew about the event bu
How does cap women act towards ex's and how do they treat men that they don't like or don't want to be bothered with. How do they act towards all men after they have had they're heart broken. How do they really feel about relationships and what's they're
I known my cap for 11 years. We started talking on and off for past two years. He always dissappear but we get closer each time. My cap recently dissappear two days ago after we spent a long night together. He was telling me how he feels like we are so
His planets: Sun in 4° Capricorn Moon in 22° Scorpio Mercury in 17° Sagittarius Venus in 3° Aquarius Mars in 6° Aquarius Jupiter in 21° Aquarius Saturn in 13° Aries Uranus in 6° Aquarius Neptune in 28° Ca

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My gemini ex contacted me again after years. And now we've been talking here and there if we're not busy. I have no more special feelings for him, but i do like him around cause we're get along so well. I see him as a bestfriend now. But he seems li
Am I the only one in love with Joker? Or are there any other treetrunked people like me here?
I have been married to one. It was great, but for some reason we got divorced. If there's any of you whos married an aqua, How is it going with your marriage with that person?
I notice that sag have their own specific code of honor ...they go by their own set of rules :) its very interesting ..cause it varies from sag to sag examples of real life code of honor sag1 cheats on his wife but always come home to his famil
Lady Caps, what scents do you like for yourself? Cap men, what do you like to smell on your partner? Thanks in advance :)
To the point it surprised me i don't know how do i return.
Are you guys still flirting around even when you're married or in a serious relationship? I have found some libra guys trying to flirt hard with me and asking for a date or such to some point that it was creepy. And i was like eww. Why do you do that?
Have you ever had that moment when you feel like you just don't give a treetrunk about some and/or most people in your life that makes you just cut off all the contacts with them whatsoever? Why and what caused it / whats the trigger?
How do you feel when someone you care about told you that you're heartless?
Do you guys have the tendencies to make up story about yourself just to impress someone? Like when somebody asking what was your major then you told them that you're a Phd of some major that you think cool or such, but in reality you're not. Or somethi
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When he's coming to see me, hence i assumed it was ME he was after.. I get that you guys are charming and flirty and not serious til you are REALLY serious about someone.. Thats fine i get that.. But i feel like it's kinda disrespectful to cross that line
Same or different gender, how did you feel? And did you two get along? I've met a cancer guy recently and seeing the same mannerisms I have in him drive me crazy.
I'm talking to a Pisces sun, leo moon, venus in aries girl. Sometimes I think she likes me but then other times she confuses me. We slept together the first time we ever met and have slept together once more time since. We speak everyday Mon to Fri bu
what would you do if the love of your life came back, but you were now married with a child?