Strangest food combinations

By LadyNeptuneJuly 16, 2021 12:39am — 34 replies
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Have you ever gone Vegan, are you Vegan?
if you went vegan or currently vegan why did you do it what differences did it make in your life do you feel better physically mentally thinking of trying it for 30 days as a hard reset on my body want to see how i feel and also challenge mysel
Chicken doesnt defrost
hi i put a chicken in the fridge but there hbut its still frozen and no water has come out of it can i keep it in the fridge longer are there tricks to save it
i ve started making my own now winter is approaching am looking for ideas so far i ve tried spicy roasted cauliflower with onions garlic and chilli sweet potato with coconut milk various roasted veg today i made potatoes carrots onions and
if you have leftovers do you toss them or put them in the fridge if you keep them do you actually eat them or let them sit there until they go bad and toss them out weeks later
Burning question
does pineapple belong on pizza lemon poppyseed or almond poppyseed muffins mustard or relish on a hot dog creamer in coffee chicken wings with or without the bone pb amp j peanut butter first then jelly on top or spread each one on its own slice
Can we talk about Rebel ice cream!
i m hooked i don t think i ll go back to regular ice cream again
Sammich Recipes.
im trying to up my sandwich game due to the fact that i am currently subject to minimum security prison conditions im currently limited to basic ingredients utensils and cookware in hack my life style a totally fucking awesome television show b
anyone here have experience with weekly fasting for 48 hours im trying to incorporate a bit more into my intermittent fasting routine and wanted to know peoples experiences
alright ppls ive been cutting back on some meat intake ha ha ha not that way anywho ive been looking into some meatless recipes n whatnot n have come across mushroom burgers and im interested anyone have any recipes tips or tricks or idk
Chicken. Sandwich.
so i love chicken sammies and i just am curious what everyones favorite chicken sandwich is homemade or a version you make at home thats a copycat from a restaurant whatevs what kind of chicken do you like breaded grilled using a rotisserie et