Dxper with the sexiest eyes

By LoveSeekerJuly 31, 2017 9:07pm — 188 replies
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Koniuchaa, question about chicken
i cant find that post with chicken in milk have a question if you had made it whats the point of frying it to the crispy stage to later soak it in milk wouldnt that make that crispy skin soggy it sounds delicious - just want to clarify
Birkenstock sandals
what is with women and their love for birkenstock sandals they have to be one of the ripest smelling foot wear they can wear i know women say they are comfy but they also know birks can stink really bad women are so self conscious about odors but they w
I can post pics
i try imgur tiny pic and photo bucket help me
naming my prostate how does the ands sound
Be stubborn & lazy
when youre stubborn you learn because you dont believe too easily you try to find ways to justify your frame of thought once you realize that youre wrong you wouldnt easily forget what youve learned when youre lazy you try to find ways to m
Goodbye DXP
ill be very busy with litigation if you still want to contact me drop a message rmacpalaw gmail com goodbye
I am trying not to like Tiziani...
really however he keeps this best post thread alive and i just saw one ive missed classic posted by tcta many years ago i went out with this guy and a few days later my best friend asked if i was going to see him again i told her that n
im stuck here open the door open the door open the door opdor opdor opdorrrrrrrrrr
Child sexual abuse and the adults that protect the abuser
watching 3 scenarios play out currently 1 mom almost acts like it didnt exist she doesnt think her guy friend is capable im gonna cut her off i dont want to because theres only me plus a mutual friend that advocates for the baby shes 6