Where is your Venus? What makes you beautiful?

By raad182December 7, 2016 4:28pm — 88 replies
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saturn is hardwork limitation reality-check goals climbing the ladder slowly and then you put jupiter on the otherside with its expansion good luck prosperity so when one opposite the other does it mean that the power of one doesnt have the influ
Hi please explain these
for the capricorn sign personality sun in capricorn moon in pisces mercury in capricorn venus in aquarius mars in pisces jupiter in sagittarius saturn in scorpio uranus in sagittarius neptune in sagittarius pluto in libra please explain this
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https s12 postimg org njwornr3h image jpg
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what with it being the higher octave of venus and all
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saturn transits the sun i have read it is about low energy rearrange the ego personal restriction and illnesses any personal experience
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does someone have it and how it manifests on appearance
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this is one of the most fascinating houses some keywords original genius individual community unexpected events unexpected gains or losses inspiring innovative futuristic bizarre unconventional groups electricity goals rebellious attitude
I find Geminis, and to a lesser extent Virgos are as attractive as Libras
and taurus you know those ruled by venus its because mercury doesnt spin either l read that venus is a mirror for the sun it reflects it which is why libras try to mirror people or live as a binary system well mercury is the same thing