GUYS i have been waking up with swollen lips for about a month now, i am allergic to nuts but i haven't ate any and if i did i would be able to feel it in my throat but this is just swollen lips. I haven't changed anything or used any new products like to
I'm starting a fashion line lol I'm sewing all of my samples myself. Y'all heard it first. Just thought I'd put it out in the universe somewhere so someone could come back one day and be like "Yo she posted that on dxpnet!" And when I'm all making
And I'll I can think of is how far I've come in life and how I put on my big girl hat and held in down n now I'm making you peeps read this! We in this cookiemonster
If the design is cute, but the quality is butterty (think forever 21 quality) Would you still buy it? If it's high quality, and the design is cute but it's pricey, would you buy it or look for a cheaper option that's lower quality? What's the main thi
Searching for the holy grail for healthy hair Just figure out I have low porosity Thus all me expensive leave in conditions styling products never got absorbed n never worked how all the normal ladies swore by. I admit was jealous n couldn't understand
I bought one ..would you believe i broke the nozzle and now i can't get the product out of the bottle ..I keep doing this with bottles actually so annoying! Thanks for all replies :) If anyone has seen online anyplace let me know (I dont want to order rom chi
Feel free to school me on the ins and outs of hand/arm jewellry. I know nothing. And is it really only for bridal occassions?
how many of you are considering selling beauty products online or any products on amazon? this young beautiful lady has been selling Konjac Sponges and making up to 40k per month on amazon. or s
Post your current obsession. [b]Miu Miu Noir 10NS[/b] [b]Westward Leaning Fhloston Paradise[/b] https://cd
I personally think most are boring now but what about you
These shoe laces provides the following features: 1. The best quality 2. Low price 3. Unique style 4. The feeling of having new shoes. To know more or to order, visit: Thanks & Goodluck.
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Hypothetically of course, please feel free to share. I've notice that there's a difference between when people are initially crushing on someone than actually developing feelings for them.
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
A Gemini woman born in June specifically because we all know may Geminiโ€™s are completely different lol
Fellow fishes. This is a lounge for Pisces. The Piscean Reef ๐ŸŽ‹ Share your dreams, hobbies, anything! Daydreams ! When you need somewhere to escape. This is a judgement free zone ๐Ÿšท Be respectful to peoples feelings ๐Ÿ˜˜ I noticed some other signs had
Whats your ultimate all time ever fave food to eat.
I really don't know how I feel about this. He called me saying he's sorry and all that butter. He sounded really sorry and sincere. BUT then, he starts telling me how in that day that we first met, his ex fiancee contacted him and how he's been talking to
My name is? Like based on my pic? So curious. This game is always so fun.
So I got down with this nice chick. Would appreciate any info on what's what. Her [IMG][/IMG] Me [IMG][/IMG]
I placed an envelope in my bag last night because inside of it contained some birth documents and some photos I wanted copied for a scrap book for my grandma. I was waiting on a call and I saw it in my purse and went through i
I have a gemini friend she is so much into astrology but not deep astrology . She likes to go for sun sign only. At max moon sign. Well she blames her venus for relationship woes . When she is in generous mood uses her mars. When she feels lonely she
So I feel the need to inform all of you that I am essentially "going away". Not for good but probably for a significant amount of time. Firstly, I have mentioned before that I am buying a new gaming PC. In order to help fund this, I am selling my current
17 by Mandy Moore โ™ฅ
So I have made a post of this before. The post was about a really bad arugement i had with my brother. In my post I made a rant how my brother told me Iโ€™m a nobody and how my family doesnโ€™t even care about me. He told me Iโ€™m lazy, yet I go to school full
To take me to dinner. I didn't believe he was getting his divorce on July 7th and my birthday was July 8th. We were to celebrate together. After i put him on restricted on fb around may or June Bexcuse well 60% of ppl on my fb is on restricted We k
Hi guys, this time I have an unusual question... It's almost Christmas here, so we decided to organize a "Secret Santa" event in our office. I drew the name of a co-worker, an Aquarius man of 30yo that is married and has a toddler girl. The budget is 15
So I had a โ€œwhat are we talkโ€ with my Aries guy last week. He let me know that though he likes me, but heโ€™s seeing other people and weโ€™re just chillin. I let him know that if thatโ€™s the case, we should just reach out to each other when we want to have sex
Looks like we won't be seeing much of "Coral" from now on.
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
So I am a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Aries Venus. Most people will mistake me for a Scorpio but I am far too empathetic and sensitive to others pain. I'm a real softie but a badass at the same time. At first I was resisting his advances. He asked me out thre