so what did u prepared for this winter. i've buyed this coa
Having extremely important meeting in about 10 days! Like the one you would call life changing event! It's not important what I will look like but I want to be a knock out! I don't wear make up. I need some glowing tips! Like spark in a bottle.
Anyone gotten any treatment for acne scars? I have a lot and I just want them gone but I don't really know what works for that. I'm talking like laser, a facial etc.
Do you picture a woman with Green hair, Red hair, White Hair or Black hair? I'm trying to decide on what color wig to get for my tree nymph cosplay outfit. I have green-blue eyes and olive skin.
For those who are scared to take the leap of becoming your true self - I say, go for it! Beauty is what will be gained no matter what. Life will be true and that's what is beautiful! - Milani Malinao #transisbeautiful [IMG]
So how's everybody smelling? Good? Goooood. So if you happen to be wearing any perfume/cologne, what kind you wearing? Me I'm currently wearing invictus by paco rabanne. Sorry guys I would post images but pics not seem to be functioning on my end. I've been waiting for so long... *pauses and moans* IT HURTSSSS I WANNA HEAR YOU SAY THE WORDS.... Please.... DON'T DON'T LEMME BE THE LAST TO KNOW DON'T HOLD BACK JUST LET IT GOOOOOOOO I need to he
I'm mostly into musky or floral scents, not too strong, not too sweet and definitely not "highschool" unlike DKNY "Be Delicious". I currently got Chanel no. 19, Ralph Lauren Romance, and Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir. Looking for scents close to those three
I want this would it be like this??
I recently tried to switch all my beauty products to vegan products. I notice that everytime I use vegan deodorant, it burns and turns my skin red. I have pretty sensitive skin. Has anyone tried vegan deodorant, and has it done the same to you? I don't kn
I'm all for and open to all styles but her style needs to end. Please someone. I really wish I could stop seeing it at least. I don't follow her on social media or anything really but everywhere I turn I see her out with a recsiculous new outfit! :(
If you have been searching over the internet with a view to obtain a reliable site of fashionable wrist watches, then I have a great news to share with you. Here you will find collections of perfect fashionable wrist watches; those match totally to your c
GUYS i have been waking up with swollen lips for about a month now, i am allergic to nuts but i haven't ate any and if i did i would be able to feel it in my throat but this is just swollen lips. I haven't changed anything or used any new products like to
I'm starting a fashion line lol I'm sewing all of my samples myself. Y'all heard it first. Just thought I'd put it out in the universe somewhere so someone could come back one day and be like "Yo she posted that on dxpnet!" And when I'm all making
And I'll I can think of is how far I've come in life and how I put on my big girl hat and held in down n now I'm making you peeps read this! We in this cookiemonster
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than for men to do it? coz it's so much easier to pretend you don't know that a guy's flirting with you than it is to pretend to other women The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
What are yours like Natal Asc: Taurus Sun: aries Mercury: aries Moon: cap Venus: pisces Mars: aqua Asc: Gemini Sun: Taurus Mercury: aries Moon: Sagittarius Venus: aries Mars: pisces I relate more to my natal sun, moon and mercury
Sorry but this is my objective analysis But they always get and keep men/women Ppl flock to them I love Aries women but this confound me I thought men were into looks I think that's a lie I think they're into confidence
Personally I've always been a 911 man, the timeless elegance, the curves. the compact power. Girl next door of sports cars. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]
? Do you tell them it won’t work out? Do you silent treatment them. Do you create some stories? Insights would be much appreciated esp on this Valentine’s Day..Y_Y
and people have a hard time getting over us even when they’re in a relationship. Like it happened to me with this Aries guy and even though we were mean to each other so many times and he moved to his gf’s country he still watches my social media stories.
When do most couples begin to feel the Love Feels and express it openly? 3 months? 6 months? A year?
Katt Williams killing me on his special But he made some interesting observation Are robot women the next thing that'll kill relationships .
Your favorite sign that’s in the same element as you, not including yours. Example: if you’re a leo you pick between an aries and sagittarius 😈
hi scorpios, how many of you lived the famous transformation and resurfaced like the phoenix bird? tell me your experience
Will this break trust and destroy the relationship? How would it be understood by an Aquarius?
Roast us. I wanna know the tea