Your shallow, "non-negotiables" for a potential partner?

By BoomShakalakaBoomSeptember 14, 2019 7:35pm — 129 replies
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can it ever change do you stay or go do you stay when everything else is perfect such a difficult situation any thoughts or similar situations x
is it true that if someone is supposed to be a part of your life they will be no matter what you do dont do i mean from my past relationships i have learnt that you can do whatever you want but if the person is not the one nothing matters is it rea
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who else has noticed that theres been a flood of im so confused posts on these threads lately seems like these days body language what is actually being done or not done at all is quickly overlooked ignored as if words are more important
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after a disagreement is it passive aggressive i mean what is the point you re trying to make
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three years ago i went to a party and met a guy we danced one thing let to another and we hooked up we spent the whole weekend together went out again kissed had sex laughed talked the whole deal i caught feelings for him it was meant to be a
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ive known this guy a couple months or so now at the start he was very interested he was basically initiating most contact i was not very forthcoming myself however not on purpose but its just at the start when im getting to know someone im careful
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i wrote about her in my previous post but theres more now and i wanted to keep it short and ask what is her issue now as im very close to cutting her off from my life as i feel like im not getting a good vibe from her so were both females amp ha
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hey everyone some information about me -sun in gemini -moon in tarus -rising in taurus -mercury in cancer -venus in gemini -mars in gemini the rest of my chart is on my profile so ive noticed its kinda hard for me to love someone im always crush
Opening up to others
does anyone have any ideas on how to help someone feel more comfortable on being open with others the person im thinking of hides a lot of things stuff isnt private its secretive and has been hard on relationships past and present
do women get what they want through crying either manipulative crying or just crying because sad do men do whatever they can to stop a woman from crying or does it simply not matter to you unless they matter to you discuss